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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Torn Muscles

    I did not really know where to put this I was thinkining lounge but saw no appropriate area anyways. NFL players are freaking studs I have figured out. SJ pulled his groin muscle and was up playing football in a cpl weeks. I tore my big thigh muscle and have been out of commision going on 3 weeks now. I cant walk or put weight on the muscle without the help of a crutch. i just think its crazy how these players walk through these injuries. Maybe if I play my card right i can convince the Rams Docs to give me a look over and some shots.

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    RamOfDenmark Guest

    Re: Torn Muscles

    I know what you mean. I have often thought the same thing when I hear about the injuries that these guys play with, relating it to personal experience it just doesn't compute. I have to wonder though, how much of it is toughness and how much of it is doctors pumping them full of God knows what to get them ready. A lot of money is at stake and they'll probably also be willing to take more chances with longterm health than you or I would. Still of course that doesn't take away from the incredible toughness these guys have, they're just not normal people physically.

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