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    Tough Schedule???

    The rest of our schedule is a combined 19-23. I thought this year was supposed to be the gauntlet. It's turning out to be just another schedule, if you ask me.

    And yea, yea I know it's still early, but after a quarter of a season, I thought our opposition would look better than this. Although we have Seattle, NE, Philly, & the Jets (combined 13-0), we also have TB, Miami, Buffalo, GB, SF, Carolina, & Arizona (combined 3-23).

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    Re: Tough Schedule???

    It's looking better all the Time!With the way things have went so far, and I have voiced my opinion quite alot , I maybe see that all my critisizm might nave been pre-mature- then again maybe not. I'll voice that at the bye week. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMS. Looks like you people had a good time at the bash( I think thats the pictures I saw) :tongue: OOh so much time ,So little to do.....ooops strike that!

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