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    DJRamFan Guest

    Training Camp Merchandise

    For those in and around Macomb and St. Louis, do the Rams sell merchandise for the training camp. Here in Rochester they sell hats and shirts and stuff that say things like "Bills training camp....Pittsford, NY" etc. Just wondering if the Rams did that too.

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    Bob L. Head Guest

    Re: Training Camp Merchandise ever work in the software biz?

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    Re: Training Camp Merchandise

    When I went down to training camp a couple of years ago, they had tents set up with a TONS of stuff (mostly clothing). If I remember right was very expensive.

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    BigGame Guest

    Re: Training Camp Merchandise

    Last year, I bought a pretty cool "Rams Training Camp: Macomb, Illinois" t-shirt, and it was only 12 bucks.

    Nothing in the tents was overpriced in my opinion.

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    Re: Training Camp Merchandise

    Yeah they have stuff there. Last year I picked up a rams training camp poster which I had plaque mounted as well as a couple of t-shirts. I think the prices are in-line with what you see on There is also a store off-site which sells some cheaper training camp t-shirts.

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