Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Marc Bulger

(On his arm)
“It’s just a little bit sore. It’s not bad. I was just getting ready to get rid of the ball, so my arm was coming forward and my arm was held back by an arm or a pad. I just tweaked it a little bit. (It scared me) for about two seconds. You pretty much know when you are hurt and I realized I wasn’t. We did precautionary treatment on it, because sometimes the next day it will hurt. It’s a little sorer than it was yesterday, but it is nothing serious.”

(On if his sore arm affected his throwing in the morning session)
“I don’t think so. You deal with sore arms all of the time, and different body parts that are sore. So I don’t think it affected it.”

(On how he feels he has been throwing the ball)
“I’ve thrown the ball farely well. It’s real important in our offense to put the ball where you want every time to let the guys run. So obviously you will not do that every practice, but if you can do it more often than not then you are doing well.”

(On if the offense still needs work)
“Yeah (the offense still needs work). I think some of the young guys think we have a lot in now, and they haven’t seen anything yet. It’s only going to get a lot more complicated and a lot more complex. I think the older guys are up to speed, but I think from here on out we’ll be tearing it up a little.”

(On practicing with RB Marshall Faulk)
“I think the first couple weeks he did limited reps, but he has been in there every day now. It’s fun to have him back there. He just knows what he’s doing. It’s like having another quarterback out there. He can help everyone on the field.”

DE Anthony Hargrove

(On finding out about the hurricane in his hometown)
“The Weather Channel told me they were going to be alright and just get light rain, and at the last minute it turned into a category four, and hit Southwest Florida. My brother and everybody called me and told me. I actually talked to my brother during the hurricane, just hearing them screaming, and hearing my family in the background going hysterical over it, it was crazy. I left the day after the hurricane and was there.”

(On losing contact with his family during the storm)
“I lost contact with my family, I didn’t know what happened. A part of our roof came off, and the next thing I lost connection with my brother. I was trying to call him all day, and get back with him, but the power was down. I couldn’t get a hold of my son and his mom, and nobody could find them, so that was another worry of mine. I realized I had to get back and try to find them.”

(On how hard it was to find his family)
“Once I got to Florida, my brother called me and told me where he was. I couldn’t get a hold of my parents, but luckily, they went back to the house, and we met with them at the house.”

(On where his son and girlfriend)
“They were out in Desoto Co. where it got hit real bad. I didn’t even get a chance to see them, because of the roadblocks and curfews, and not having power.”

(On ever seeing anything like that before)
“Up close in person, no. I hope that’s something nobody every goes through again. Now everybody has to start all over. The thing that really hit me hard, now we lost our house, and you think maybe you can go down to a friends house, and stay with them for the weekend, but you realize they don’t have a house either. It was crazy, because you were wondering where your next meal was coming from, there was no water, no gas, no cars or nothing.”

(On what was going through his mind)
“I was just lost. I was so use to living in St. Louis, where everything is given to you. You don’t have to worry about anything, you can come and go as you please. Now to go back to a situation like that, it brings you back down to reality. You realize everything is a blessing in this life, and nothing should be taken for granted.”

(On the condition of his house)
“Everybody has a sunroof in their room now. It’s just gone, they said they watched our pool get picked up out of the ground, and just tossed. My brother said the roof just started coming up and down, like somebody was clapping, and at one blow, it was just gone.”

(On what he did once he arrived in Florida)
“My family, we had nowhere to go, so we had to find a hotel, and all the hotels were booked. We finally got to Sarasota, and stayed at the Marriot Springfield Suites. The next thing was finding them a place to live, so we went and found them an apartment. Now I have my brothers here with me in St. Louis. I’m raising two of my younger ones, I’m putting them in school when I get back, and my two other brothers are going to live and work out here in St. Louis.”

(On the community after the hurricane)
“It’s a real humble place. Now everybody is kind of on the same page, and everybody is feeling for each other. You drive through the city, and you can see everybody just sad and hurt. It’s probably one of those things that you can’t really explain, but you just look at the faces of the people, and your just like, ‘man.’ People are still missing, it was crazy, I actually road down the highway and you could see people bring bodies out from places. You were just thinking, that could have been one of your loved ones, or a friend that I didn’t get to see or hear from.”