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    Training camp witnes from another board

    :king: :king: From DOSSNIKKI
    on Friday July 30, 2004 at 04:32 PM:

    Rams Camp newstime from July 30th 2004at 7:30A.M.:I'm standing outside Brophy hall at WIU in Macomb.Ilook down the street and see this big guy commimg down the sidwalk.He has to be a linebacker or a lineman but as he comes closer i see it none-other than Steven Jackson.(his dred-locks gave him away) This guy is not a smallish like Trung or slender and tall like Gordon.A big back who, by the way ,signs autographs with a very similar writing style to Faulk.Infact his signature looks like Faulk's,could he play just like faulk will see. Practice opens with the OL walk throughs G.Willams(LT)Andy King (LG) Andy McCullom (C) Timmerman (RG)Turley (LT). Offense works alot on running plays Trapping with King at LG and flair passes to the backs in the flats.DEfense worked on playing off Blocks on the D-line and linebacker's positioning on pass plays.D-backs worked on stripping the ball from behind,catching the ballin a gauntlet-type play having a d-back run through the center and catch the ball with all the other d-backs waving their arms. Special team players worked with Special team's coach Mike Stock worked on blocking for returns and creating a running lane for returns.Then heworked on punt and kick coverage. Wind sprints were next then they paired off for the scrimmage with a short "eye-opener drill"(Two linemen Vstwo dt with a Rb trying to run through the blocking.Therewas some good hitting but couldn't see much because the players en-circled it like a bull ring blocking the view.Part 1
    on Friday July 30, 2004 at 04:59 PM:

    Part 2 "The Scrimmage"It was clear from the start that the Offense was ahead of the defense with a few exceptions. Bulger threw crisp, tight passes in the flat and zipped the ball in the middle. He was on the money but reports from other days(by other fans) and this day saw no-deep ball pass attempts.Looks like a sharpe precission passing attack between 10-25 yards.Gordon looked like a guy who isn't ready to fold tent but rise to the threat of harris and Jackson.Harris looked sharp aswell darting in and out catching passesand running the ball.Jackson started slow until Martz's started yelling at him,then you saw it.Jackson was dragging players for 5 yards running up the middle and made a Faulk like move in the backfield dodging a diving tackler then turned on the afterburners and ran weaving through the defense for a td.He caught passes in the flat and punnished those freeagent db's till Aneas came crashing in to help.Jackson is the "Real Deal"brother, he just need to gain the confidence and get more reps.I told him after practice(walking back down that same sidewalk) "Good moves Jackson, ilike your style" he laughed and said thanks.Faulk didn't play in the scrimmage but watched. Now, I have got to tell you about the Wr's. Ofcourse Bruce showed sideline catch greatness and Holt streaked through the middle grabbing bulger's solid passes.Looker was solid and furrey looked good as well.Forget about Kevin Curtis's supposed bad leg.I watch this guy catch everything in the middle down the sidelines he didn't drop a single pass and in the middle he was covered by several player.He and jackson were by far the most impressive new players on offense today.The ol was solid for the most part with a few exceptions on defense.Part2

    on Friday July 30, 2004 at 05:33 PM:

    part3 "Defense"- The d-line stood-up the o-line but only crashed in on Bulger in 1 out of 3 play.I saw no domination from the(big three) dt position,but kennedy did hustle after plays and did stand-up the double team.Pickett and Lewis were not overly impressive but made a play now and then. Oh,but there isgood news in the form of Tony Hargrove.This guy could be better than Wistrom and even little.It was clearly noticable on 4 consecitive running plays hargrove stuffed them all behind the line for a loss.I thought the guy rented a room in the the backfield on passing plays.The offense was forced to run the other way with hargrove chasing from the other side. Likewise with#95 Hargrove inserted with Lewis and Pickett the whole line was more dominate from his side and little was crashing in as well from the other side.Don't be surprised if Hargrove ends up the starter at de.He played most of the scrimmage(2hours) there while others rotated.Brian Howard#98 right now looks better at dt than the big #1's.The guys kind of reminds me of brian young.A.willams stripped awaya back running down the field withthe ball and the Robert Thomas and jeramy LLoyd both could have had sacks if bulger and chandler could be touched(red shirt). The big "hit" of the day bringing cheers from players and fans was from #30 Jason shivers who leveled Freeagent Rb#26 adam matthews,when he tried to shoot threw a hole in the d-line. Shivers is a hitter have no doubt.The DT position right now is still in question but Hosley isnot involved yet do to surgery and others could improve.Surely it is the biggest Question mark.

    on Friday July 30, 2004 at 05:51 PM:

    Final part: After practice I spoke with Tony Hargrove.He was a real friendly guy and gave my buddy from atlanta(big rams fan) his home number in Georgia.Hargrove is a real specimen.His bi-cepts remind me of David Boston type guns.The guy is chiseled like a rock and solid.I thanked him for his autograph and for joining the rams he replyed"I'm doing my best to make it i like this team alot". I also spoke with Chris Chandler(i know don't laugh chandeleer)but what he said was intresting.I said"chris,how do you like this Rams offense compared to the bears" Chris replied"I love it". i said "We got a few good players on offense now don't we,like or wr"s?" Chris said"Yes,they might be the two best wr's ever to play together".It was noticable that chandler is spending time with Bulger like a mentor as they came out to practice.Thats all i have for now unless you've got a question about someone i saw but forgot to mention.I'm going back next Friday when the Bears and lovie practice with our rams.

    Please remember that this is unedited from my AOL Board in a hidden location created to get rid of the trolls who normally trash the aol community topic boards. We have it all tpo ourselves and everyone there is a great long time Rams Fan. This poster is at McComb every year.

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    Re: Training camp witnes from another board

    Thank you for the report Ramavenger, it is appreciated.

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    Re: Training camp witnes from another board

    If Hargrove can live up to the hype, we'll be saying "Grant who?" in no time. It's good to hear about Jackson and Curtis playing well. They can only get better in the next month or so. I can't wait to see some of these young guys when I go to the preseason games at the EJD.

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    Re: Training camp witnes from another board

    Thanks for the training camp update ramavenger. I especially like to hear that the offense is looking good. Jackson is running well. Curtis catching the balls. I hope we get to see Curtis this year. And Hargrove may be a key to defending against the run.

    Good stuff. Go Rams. :ramlogo:

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