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    Does anybody have a Rams roster from Linehans last year (the team spags took over) and a list of the now current roster to match them up with. I know Nick posted the Rams current roser in another thread recently.

    The point being I think the direction of this team from what spags inherited is 10 fold what it was and am very pleased with what D/Spags have done.

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    Re: Transformation

    Here is the Rams' 2008 roster, according to Pro Football Reference. It likely includes everyone who played for the Rams during the 2008 season, not just the opening day 53. Players whose names are bolded are still with the team (as far as I can remember).

    Victor Adeyanju
    O.J. Atogwe
    Donnie Avery
    Alex Barron
    Ronald Bartell
    Eric Bassey
    Anthony Becht
    Jacob Bell
    Drew Bennett
    Brock Berlin
    Fakhir Brown
    Josh Brown
    Marc Bulger
    Keenan Burton
    Quincy Butler
    Adam Carriker
    Chris Chamberlain
    Corey Chavous
    Jason Craft
    Quinton Culberson
    Kenneth Darby
    Chris Draft
    Daniel Fells
    Samkon Gado
    La'Roi Glover
    Adam Goldberg
    Larry Grant
    John Greco
    Trent Green
    Dante Hall
    James Hall
    Tye Hill
    Torry Holt
    Richie Incognito
    Steven Jackson
    Todd Johnson
    Donnie Jones
    Eddie Kennison
    Joe Klopfenstein
    Dan Kreider
    Nick Leckey
    Brian Leonard
    Leonard Little
    Chris Long
    Dane Looker
    Ricky Manning
    Chris Massey
    Randy McMichael
    Travis Minor
    Eric Moore
    Orlando Pace
    Antonio Pittman
    Brett Romberg
    Clifton Ryan
    Roy Schuening
    Derek Stanley
    Gary Stills
    Pisa Tinoisamoa
    David Vobora
    Jonathan Wade
    Will Witherspoon
    Cory Withrow

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