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    Submitted Trivia questions

    Here are all the submitted questions to the "Clan/Herd challenge". These are for your enjoyment. (answered posted some day)

    1) What former Ram was busted in a sting operation when he tried to sell the rams playbook? (Ramtime)

    2) Who was the last person to see Carroll Rosenbllom alive? (Ramtime)

    3) What NFL record does former Ram DE Fred Dryer hold? (avenger?)

    4) When the Rams held the Seahawks to -7 yards total offense in a game in 1979, what was the Seahawks longest play? (avenger)

    5) Who made a cameo appearance on the old HBO football comedy "1st and 10"? (molkerman)

    6) What two Ram players won Olympic medals? (Avenger)

    7) Who was the original "Voice of the Rams"?(RamWraith)

    8) Each year the Rams draft several players. What year yielded the most draft picks in one season??(RamWraith)

    9) Who were the three members of the Rams "Bull Elephant" backfield?(RamWraith)

    10) Who drafted Fred Dreyer in 1969? (RamWraith)

    12) Who was the first full time Rams special teams coach?(RamWraith)

    13) What Rams nickname in High School was "Hot Dog"?(RamWraith)

    14) What player had a mother that had a drug addiction for over 10 years, and sister that died after being raped and beaten??(RamWraith)

    15) Which player's father played for the Chicago Bears?(RamWraith)

    16) What was the name of the clothing store owned by Jack Youngblood and Larry Brooks in the 70's? (RamWraith)

    17) What Ram's middle name is Zubinski, in which his father just pulled out of a phone book?(RamWraith)

    18)Name the first sportscard featuring a rams player or coach. (general counsel)

    19) Name the former Rams kicker who was born without toes on his right kicking foot? (ferter)

    20) What is the the all-time series record between the Rams and forty niners and which team holds the advantage in wins?(ferter)

    21) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most seasons played? (ferter)

    22) Which season did the Rams become the first team in NFL history to finish undefeated in division play, one season after being winless within their division? (ferter)

    23) Which former Rams LB is the "Spirit of the Game" team award named in honor of? (ferter)

    24) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most sacks? A: (ferter)

    25) Name the player who holds the Rams record for rushing yards in a single season? (ferter)

    26) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most punts blocked? (ferter)

    27) Name the four defensive lineman of the Rams famed Fearsome Foursome?(ferter)

    25)Name the Rams first rookie QB to start a playoff game? (ferter)
    26) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for consecutive games played? (ferter)

    27) How many draft picks did the Rams receive in the trade that sent Eric Dickerson to the Colts during the 1987 season? (ferter)

    28) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most playoff games played? (ferter)

    29) Against which team and in what year and week number did Jim Everett make his first rookie start? (ferter)

    30) Eric Dickerson played three games for the Rams during the 1987 season. During which week of the 1987 season did Dickerson play his third and final game for the Rams? (ferter)

    31) Who acted as anintermediary between Don Klosterman and Bill Walsh when Carroll Rosenbloom wanted to hire Bill Walsh and fire Chuck Knox because Knox had not taken the Rams to a Superbowl.(Ramtime)

    32) How many times did Wendell Tyler rush for over 1,000 yds as a Ram?(fearlessone)

    33) What Ram established the first version of the "three end" attack. (Ramtime)

    34) What was the defensive scheme called by Ray Malavasi when he coached the rams in the late 70's?(rampete)

    35) In which game did the rams hold the opponent to zero first downs and zero yards at the end of the 1st half?(rampete)

    36) in which game did the rams hold the opponent to less than one yard gained and only one first down the entire game?(rampete)

    37) who was the first full-time special teams coach to be assigned by the rams and when?(rampete)

    38) jim collins led the rams and the league in tackle in 1984 with 185 but was left out of the probowl. who was sent to the probowl to start despite having a substantially lower total in tackles? (rampete)

    I think I got everyone's questions. Thanks all that was fun! Good luck to the rest of you in answering some of these question! WOW!

    How did you score??
    32-38 ---- RAMS GEEK
    25-31 ---- RAMS FREAK
    18-24 ---- YOU KNOW YOUR RAMS
    0 - 2 ---- WHINER FAN!!!!
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