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    Trying new defensive schemes?

    The specialty of the current Rams is on defense seeing that Spags is a defensive minded coach. His usual weapon for the defense is the 4-3 with aggressive blitz packages, some coming from corners and safeties to rattle the QB.
    Now my question is, should we try the Chiefs Romeo Crennel's defense that worked well against the Colts leading to Manning missing 18 passes including an interception and no touchdowns as well as a QB rating of 65.0? Or should we remain conservative and stick with the 4-3 blitz to rattle around Philip Rivers and his pass happy offense to throw those quickies.
    Do you have faith in our defensive corps being capable of executing that playbook pretty well? Sure they played HORRIBLY against the Lions but I still see our defense in the above average area if they'll be willing to put the same effort in week 1-4. Its either we put the pressure on Rivers to make quick throws or shut down their entire receiving corps at the risk of giving Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles a good running game.

    What say ye???

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    Re: Trying new defensive schemes?

    First of all recall that Crennel runs the 3-4 in KC so their play book is going to be significantly different.

    However, given the fact that we are playing at home I say go for it; let's use the entire defensive playbook that Spags and Flajole have devised.

    Sure beats just sitting back and letting Rivers pick us apart.


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    Re: Trying new defensive schemes?

    The chiefs have been drafting 3-4 personnel for two to three years now.

    Spags is not going to up and give up on a scheme that won him a Super Bowl ring.

    Also no where for Fred Robbins, our best defensive player at this point to play in a 3-4.

    Chris Long would have to undergo major adjustments switching to an olb.

    We don't have enough linebackers.

    Not gonna happen.

    This defense can work, don't panic over one game.

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    Re: Trying new defensive schemes?

    There is pros and cons of both systems. Personally I like the 4-3 better, If you can run a good scheme and have good players in either formation. It does not matter! which formation you use you will have a solid defense

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    Re: Trying new defensive schemes?

    The Redskins' 3-4 should be ample evidence that it's better to do something simple and do it well than try out a new system that doesn't fit the personnel. They were a top 10 unit last season, but they've had a lot of problems in their new 3-4 this season.

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    Re: Trying new defensive schemes?

    In a word: No.
    The Chiefs run a 3-4, and have been drafting personell for 2-3 for years now, we on the other hand have players that fit a 4-3 scheme, and we do not have time for players to learn a 3-4 scheme in mid-season, if you thought our defense looked bad sunday, you don't wanna see it if we switch defensive schemes at this time of the year.

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