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    Originally posted by Saint Nick

    This is a very temporary situation here. Lovie Smith had some beef in Tampa Bay at DT in McFarland and Sapp and the result was a less vunerable DL. This offseason, via the draft or free agency, Smith (or his successor if he gets an HC gig) will find a 300+ lber that begs for a tandem block on rushing attempts between the OTs.

    That happens and the rest of the League is in big-time trouble.
    Remember Nick that Damione Lewis was one of their top picks this past year, though he has been less than advertised, he is pretty good ( his forte' is of course pass rushing DT though, and he was beaten by VTECH and FSU vs. the run.) Not sure they can afford to go DT 1st round again. That's a lot of cap room on two DT's ................

    It's not a bad year for DT's, not as good as last year, but not bad. Look for John Henderson (Tenn) , Wendell Bryant ( WIS ) and Alan Harper ( Fres St. ) or even Ryan Sims ( UNC - his stock will soar after his combine #'s ) to be gone in the first round and probably before the Rams pick. Larry Tripplett ( the run stopper from Washington ) may be available. His stock has dropped a bit due to less production, but he is facing doubles 90+% of the time.He may go before all but Henderson or after all these guys but is the run stopper of this group.

    Now to play devil's advocate, they( Rams ) drafted the two LB's from Florida State ( GO NOLES ) last year(TWO !!!), and this year MLB Bradley Jennings departs Tallahassee ( and takes over 100 taclkes a year with him !!! ) ? See a trend ?? I bet if he's available they will re-unite him with Tommy Polley ( who I love ). Completing the trio of LB's who can FLY and have played TONS OF Football together, including the last three title games !!!

    Just guessing here guys, but I live for the draft - if you can't tell. I love to evaluate talent.

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    Coach - Love your posts! Keep them coming.

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