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    Tug of war sparked Cards

    By Jim Thomas
    Tuesday, Oct. 09 2007

    The ball squirted away from Arizona running back Edgerrin James and into the
    end zone. Four Rams defensive backs — Ron Bartell, Fakhir Brown, Todd Johnson
    and Jonathan Wade — hustled after it.

    Wade fell on the ball and appeared to have it cradled securely against his
    right hip.

    But back judge Bob Lawing, standing only a few feet away, made no call.

    Arizona offensive lineman Reggie Wells then barreled into the picture. Wells
    fell on Wade and eventually tugged the ball away.

    Much to the dismay of the Rams, the play was ruled a touchdown for Arizona on
    Wells' "recovery," which tied Sunday's game 10-10 with 3 minutes 32 seconds
    remaining in the second quarter.

    "What I saw was a Ram (Wade) jump on the ball in the end zone, and I saw an
    Arizona offensive player (Wells) jump on the person that had the ball," Rams
    coach Scott Linehan said. "To me, that's down by contact on the (Wade)
    recovery. He had control of it until the guy jumped on him."

    Review of game film seemed to show that Linehan's assessment of the play was
    correct, but referee Gerald Austin's crew thought otherwise.

    However, even Linehan conceded that had Wade merely hung on to the ball instead
    of having Wells pull it free, there would have been no opening for officials to
    even question possession.

    "You have to make your own breaks," Linehan said. "You can't leave anything to
    chance. In that case, you can't allow the (opponent) to get down there and
    leave anything for judgment."


    Another disputed call that didn't go the Rams' way was the delay of game
    penalty at the end of the first half. Although time had expired, the Cardinals
    were allowed to run an extra play because of the penalty, with Kurt Warner
    scoring on a quarterback sneak to give the Big Red a 17-13 lead.

    "Clearly, there was a scramble by Arizona to get lined up and get the play off
    because they ran a play with no timeouts and didn't get (into the end zone),"
    Linehan said. "We're still not onside, they're whistling the ball in play, the
    center loses his grip on the ball, so the ball was rolling around."

    But Ron Bartell kicked the ball with his left foot, and was a little too
    obvious in doing so. Although time had expired by then — the ball already was
    more than a yard deep in the end zone — this opened the door for officials to
    make the delay call.


    — WR Isaac Bruce (hamstring) is questionable for Baltimore.

    — S Jerome Carter (fractured right foot) probably is out for the season.

    — SS Corey Chavous (pectoral) will try to practice Wednesday but is
    questionable for Baltimore.

    —WR/returner Dante Hall (ankle) is doubtful for Baltimore.

    — CB Tye Hill (back, ribs) will try to play this week.

    — RB Steven Jackson (groin) has been ruled out for Baltimore.

    — S Todd Johnson (neck) is expected to play against Baltimore.


    The visiting team has won the last five games in the St. Louis-Arizona series.


    "I believe you create your own luck. So to say we feel unlucky, we're just not
    getting it done. ...This is another game that we honestly felt we should've
    won, and we didn't get it done."

    __ Rams cornerback Ron Bartell


    The Rams play the Ravens in Baltimore for only the second time since former
    club owner Art Modell moved his franchise from Cleveland to Maryland in 1996.
    Ray Lewis & Co. still are tough to score on, ranking fourth in the NFL in
    total defense this season.

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    Re: Tug of war sparked Cards

    The bad calls being brought up over and over again are making me SICK!!!

    The refs stole this one from us. Basically gave the Tards 2 TD's!!!!

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    Re: Tug of war sparked Cards

    i guess the lambs coach says it best that the player should not give up a "fumble" once he has recovered it

    the "kicked" ball was first unintentionally kicked by a lambs player and then intentionally kicked by another lamds player...... the unintentional kick was done while there was still time on the clock..... unintentional or not ...its still a delay of game as it kept the cards from getting off a play that probably would have NOT resulted in a touchdown!!!
    many times players lead with their helmet while they are making a tackle.... while some are intentional not all are!! but its still a penalty!!

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