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    general counsel Guest

    The turf in the dome

    How is it possible that the team and the city cant reach an agreement on changing the turf. The upfront money is peanuts in comparison to the added risk of injury and the physical beating that these guys take.

    I have been swamped with a new job and not around much lately, so if this topic has been beaten to death i apologize, but i really just cant believe how shortsighted it is to not invest the money to do the best that can be done to protect the investment in the players.

    general counsel

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    Re: The turf in the dome

    GC, apparently it is more important to protect the ability to easily facilitate trade shows and other non-football events than it is to protect Ram players at the EJD. The situation is absolutely rediculous.

    It now looks like the EJD is the last NFL facility to have Astro Turf as Indianapolis has approved the switch to a new Field Turf surface. Interestingly, they also had concerns about facilitating other events, but took care of that problem by planning for a cover to go over the turf. Sounds easy enough to me.

    There is also a chance the NFL might step in and force a change. Hopefully, one way or another, it happens.

    This article on the Ram site explains everything in better detail:

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: The turf in the dome

    God I hope so,seening these guys go down one by is depressing.The EJD was build for the Rams let make them priority.
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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: The turf in the dome

    Damn gotta quit drinking beer before I try to type.

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: The turf in the dome

    The article above this one says they're raising prices again, and they won't even get new turf!

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: The turf in the dome

    Now STLouiens might get to start seeing the REAL GEORGIA! She was bad news in L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's,cheap,cheap!!!!!


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