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    MaxQ Guest

    Question Turf vs. Grass

    Who has an opinion of Turf vs. Grass? I keep hearing people talking about the Rams being "built" for turf. I feel like this argument is overused. Isn't everyone faster on an even, sturdier surface?

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Oh yeah, its faster on turf. No doubt. But it also hurts more when you land on it. It's a trade off, one that I'll feel better about when they get that new turf into the Dome of America's Center. Most of the practicing that the Rams do is on grass. So they have plenty of experience on it. Grass is a slower surface, but you're less likely to get hurt. They have an injury called turf toe, never heard of grass toe.

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    longhornrams Guest
    I played on both in H.S. and College. Turf is much faster. If you wear the right shoe, there is virtually no chance of slipping. That's why you see so many more knee injuries on turf; people's feet stick to the surface when they make a cut.

    Still, its not like the Rams have never played on grass; all of our "skill" players grew up playing on grass in JFL, school, and college. Both teams have to play on the same surface, so I don't think its nearly as big an advantage as some NFL pundits like to think.

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    Jet guy Guest
    Don't they keep stats on these things?:confused:

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    MaxQ Guest


    Don't the Jets have their own forums?

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    Just for everyones information

    I always invite the next teams supporters to come and chat in the ClanRam forum, the week before the game.

    As everyone knows, Smack Talk is kept in the Smack Talk forum, to save potential mistakes :upset:

    I dont think Jet Guy was smack talking, just asking a question

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    Jet guy Guest
    Thanks RamDez,

    I was just asking a question. I didn't want to
    actually do the research myself.

    I mean I'm from New York, This is just the way I talk.

    MaxQ, Assuming you're a open minded individual, Wouldn't you welcome differing opinons to your own. I mean is it really interesting to you to just say day after day how great your team is?

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    MaxQ Guest


    Sorry guys, I'm new. Didn't realize there was a smacktalk forum. Also, thought Jet Guy was smacktalking. Sorry, Jet Guy. But, actually, yes, it is interesting for me to just sit around talking about how great my team is.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    The Rams are kinda built on turf for their speed, but at the same time, they do just as good on grass, they're not stupid enough to practice only on the turf. I also played in high school on turf and it is much faster which helps the rams...something that we'll lose next season without the superdome and georgiadome, but grass vs. turf isn't that big of a problem, we win wither way

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