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    Turning Point

    If our team does not have any drastic changes going into next season, we will CERTAINLY have another bad season in 2009. This off-season is the turning point for this team. It will decide how our team is going to perform in the coming years. We will either continue to be losers, or we can come out in 2009 blazing, and have a winning record. I am serious. This franchise is not a losing franchise, and it's about time we rise back up and regain our winning stature.

    First, we need to get game changing players. No more signing scrub players in the off season because they are cheap.

    Some key FA's we need to think about are:
    Albert Haynesworth
    Jordan Gross
    Terrell Suggs
    Marc Colombo
    Mark Tauscher
    Channing Crowder
    Bart Scott
    Atari Bigby
    Devery Henderson
    T.J Houshmandzadeh

    I think if we combine a good draft, with good signings in free agency, along with remaking our FO, we will have a fresh start to a winning season.

    I think we need to think o-line in this draft. We need to trade to get another second round pick, so we can get another player that will help solidify our team.
    Round 1: Andre Smith
    Round 2: Herman Johnson
    Round 2: Patrick Chung / Kenny Britt / Brandon Lafell
    Round 3: Antoine Caldwell
    Round 4: Scott Mckillop
    Round 5: Graham Harrell, Rhett Bomar, Tom Brandstater
    Round 6: Brannon Southerland, BPA
    Round 7: BPA

    Our o-line should look like this:
    LT- Pace (6'7, 325 lbs.) Notes: Greatest college linemen of all time, and has been a wrecking force in the NFL, but is getting old.

    LG- Johnson (6'7, 349 lbs.) Notes: Monstrous guard. Great pancaking ability and has dominant strength. Mentally tough. Great arm strength.

    C- Caldwell (6'3, 300 lbs.) Notes: Great leader on the field. Great agility and lateral movement. Not to mention a smart kid that does great in class.

    RG- Greco (6'5, 315 lbs.) Notes: Wide base, strong leg drive, and finishes blocks.

    RT- Smith (6'4, 340 lbs.) Notes: Great footwork and agility, excels at both the passing and running game. Has the strength to drive defenders back.

    That sounds very very good.
    Devaney wants us to get bigger and more physical. Well let's get BIGGER AND PHYSICAL THEN!

    Scott Mckillop is a tackling monster who will boast our interior, which would allow Witherspoon to move outside and wreak havoc. If we also get Terrell Suggs, that would make our front seven much better. It's unlikely we will be able to get Haynesworth along with Suggs, (if we do in fact get Suggs).

    If we can get Bigby, that will put a solid player next to Atogwe. Plus, if we did in fact draft Patrick Chung, he should be able to step up and make plays and contribute in the SS role.

    As for our receiving corps, I think that Holt will be gone. Avery would be one of our starters, but we would need a receiver to be opposite of him, and I just don't think we have anyone of that caliber on our roster, so we will need to sign a FA, or draft a receiver with our other 2nd round pick. Our slot receiver is Burton, and Stanley and Looker can rotate the fourth and fifth spots.
    Drew Bennett is non-existant at this point.

    If Bulger is behind the line I mentioned above, capped with Avery and a high caliber FA or rookie WR, along with McMichael and Fells, he should be back to his old form.

    I would be happy if we draft Brannon Southerland. He is a good blocking FB, and can make those crucial short yardage runs, and can also catch the football.

    Brandon Lafell and Kenny Britt would make great additions to our corps, and alongside Avery and Burton, they would wreak havoc.
    If we get T.J or Devery Henderson in the FA, then we would pick Chung instead. He is a good SS, a huge improvement over...Chavous.

    We need to get a coach that will lead us to greatness. Not make us into the worst team in the NFL. (Linehan)

    I hope Devaney stays with this team, because he is a pure football guy, and he will make good football decisions.

    I am hoping when 2009 comes around, when other teams hear the name Rams, they will cower in fear instead of laughing and thinking of easy wins.
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    Re: Turning Point

    Good post, very thorough, just one quick question, either love 'em or hate'em but are we benching Barron and incognito?

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    Re: Turning Point

    I would try to trade them. Maybe get 5-6th round picks if we're lucky. If not, release them or let them be back ups.

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    Re: Turning Point

    I'm sorry, I see Holt coming back next season.

    I can also see Bell coming back as a starter on this line. He needs to put that weight back on, which should be easy to do.

    Personally, I think the line will be

    Pace - Bell - Rookie - Greco - Andre Smith (if we draft him).

    I am excited thought. I want McKillop myself. You think he will be there in round four?

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