Two a Days Begin with Physical Tone
Posted >Sun, August 01, 2010 11:53
by Nick Wagoner

- The Rams went through their first fully padded practice with all 80 players on Sunday morning and again wasted no time in setting a physical tone for the rest of camp.

- Early in the practice, the Rams did the infamous "Oklahoma Drill," something that many of the players said they hadn't done since they were in high school. For those unfamiliar, the Oklahoma Drill features a defensive player, a blocker and a ball carrier. It's the defender's job to shed the block and tackle the ball carrier. The blocker is supposed to stop the defender from touching the ball carrier.

- Coach Steve Spagnuolo informed the team last night that they'd be doing the Oklahoma drills and it certainly brought out some intensity in the players. Spagnuolo says the team is scheduled to do it a few more times in this camp and that it essentially replaced 9 on 7 drills because it doesn't leave the Rams prone to having large piles of players in a group where injuries could happen.

- Speaking of injuries, the Rams were without DT Darell Scott and S Darian Stewart on Sunday morning. Jason Smith was limited again and OL Mark Lewis suffered an ankle injury in the practice.

- In addition to the aforementioned drills, the Rams also went "live" for some of the team portions of [practice with full on hitting, blocking and tackling.

- Larry Grant had a strong day at the WIL linebacker position. He seems much more comfortable and focused. He says James Laurinaitis has helped keep him in line and focused on doing his part.

- Grant is working with the first team at that spot fairly regularly.

- The defense is clearly ahead of the offense in team drills right now. That's pretty common this early in camp though as the offense looks for its timing.

- The one on one pass rush drills are still one of the best part of camp and they didn't disappoint Sunday morning. James Hall has once again come roaring out of the gates in this camp and was nearly unblockable in any of the three spots he lined up Sunday.

- Rookie Rodger Saffold is a heck of an athlete and also did very well in the pass rush drills. He's clearly got a bright future, one that might end up on the left side.

- Steven Jackson looks fully healthy to me. The burst is there and he looks to be in great shape. Looks like things will just keep rolling for SJ39.

- Sam Bradford took plenty of grief from his teammates after signing his mega contract on Saturday. He was forced to sing in front of the team last night and today was put back as the "punt returner" during special teams drills. Punt returner is in quotes because he didn't actually return a kick. The Rams clearly don't want him breaking a finger or something while trying to field punts. They got a good laugh at the sight of him back to return, though.

- Joe "The Animal" Laurinaitis is in the house, watching his son James play. Kent Bradford, Sam's father, was also in attendance Sunday morning.

- The Rams are back at it tonight at 6.