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    Ugly Baby Syndrome

    I've worked out what it is.

    Thismorning I woke up and it was so very clear.

    I've finally worked out why it is many of us defended Scott Linehan and his injury plagued men last season. It appears right now that he's simply a dud, and the recent benching of Bulger reduces all but the tiniest shard of hope I hold in his ability to succeed as a coach.

    And so I ask:

    Have you ever seen an Ugly Baby?

    I'm talking about the kind of baby who, really, is completely hiddeous. Maybe disproportionate. Slightly blue in the face. Big ears and squinty eyes. Everyone who sees it wishes you'd put a paper bag over it's head and let it grow up in a dark dark room.

    But here's the catch: to its parents, that baby is the most beautiful thing in existence. They don't care about his pigface. They don't care that he's still bald at two years old and still breastfed at six. He's theirs- and he's beautiful.

    Scott Linehan was our ugly baby. Flinging poo all over the football field with poor game plans and poor team leadership. What it was, and what it remains to be, is plain Ugly.

    But the thing is... it's contagious. And I'd like to suggest that Linehan is not the only Ugly Baby on our team.

    Consider: Linehan is the ugly baby of Shawgmunt.

    Following the biological chain Shawgmunt themselves must be the Ugly Babies of miss Fontiere. Making poor personell decisions which have crippled the franchise. Jim Haslett, for instance,became the Ugly Baby of Scott Linehan.

    Claude Wroten became the Ugly Baby of the three combined.

    So please. Please. I beg you. Test yourselves and your children for UBS. Maybe we can nip this thing in the bud before Linehan's contract is extended.

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    Re: Ugly Baby Syndrome

    Who here has ever seen a *Not so cute baby*, yet said,.........."Oh how adorable"?

    I approve my comment, and BBQ's.

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