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    Uncapped season question

    If the season is uncapped for 2010, can teams renegotiate contracts?

    I ask this because if I were the man in charge of a team that was pushing the cap before this and projected to be close in subsequent seasons, I'd be renegotiating and advancing some of that money into the uncapped season to make things easier in the subsequent seasons. And this would/could negate the advantage of the RAMs eating salaries last season to get financially healthy.


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    Re: Uncapped season question

    A few things....

    Except for Bulger, Long and Smith we really don't have any significant contracts anyway.

    It would really depend on when the sale is finalized, I doubt Chip/Lucia want to shell out an extra 25-45 million to Long/Smith (assuming Bulger gets cut...) just to make things easier in 2011 and beyond. They've been really good about spending money on the draft (getting smith signed quick) and in free agency (Brown, franchising atogwe and resigning bartell...) but I really doubt they want to throw pure profit down the drain a month or two before they're divested of the franchise. It'll be probably be 2-3 months before the sale is finalized and by then we're already going to be post-draft and the front office will be focused on signing those guys. After that, there's not going to be much movement with contracts.

    You're right that the 2009 cap-hell season could be for nothing. But any advantages of an uncapped 2010 could mean nothing if we don't get a new CBA in place. There has been no movement in negotiations and just as people thought an uncapped 2010 was very unlikely two years ago when the owners voted to opt out of the current CBA, a lockout/strike in 2011 is looking more and more likely with every passing month. Teams will all be on pretty much even footing in 2012 if this happens
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    Re: Uncapped season question

    JMO but yes, I believe the 2009 great cap cut was likely for nothing. Almost all of those cuts could have been done easier this offseason than last. Would the Rams have been significantly better? Who knows but you'd hope to some extent they would have been.

    I'm not sure about renegotiations. If it were possible, wouldn't you think trading would materialize? I mean without a cap and without the implications of the signing cap folding forward to instant recognition seems important. If you are EVER going to trade a guy like Jackson, this is the year. But I wonder if there isn't a provision in there preventing it. Don't know.

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