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    Unsung hero in all this free agent frenzy?

    Anyone else want to give a hand to Stan for writing all these checks out? He hasn't went dan synder yet but still picked up some good players in the process. I mean we could have a owner that won't pay people to come play for us. This shows he is willing to do what it takes to win.

    He doesn't have to spend all this money the cba has structured nfl as a whole and as long as the top teams are overspending the teams towards the bottom don't have to spend as much.

    I am glad we have a owner that isn't overspending but still have enough buying power to fill pretty much every hole with a FA.

    Any other positions we need to fill? We picked up
    2 OLB
    2 DT
    1 S
    1 HB
    1 LG
    1 WR
    1 CB

    We almost put a player in every position of need that I can think of. Now we just need to see if those players work out.

    I am liking what the Rams are doing as a whole from ownership down to head coaches and players this is going to be a great year and more.

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    Re: Unsung hero in all this free agent frenzy?

    From all I've read about Stan everyone had thier questions about if he was willing to spend the money in his first year to help out our team. I believe he has from what you pointed out. Top notch draft talent coupled with a good FA class. Of course it takes years to determine if classes are good as a whole but I'm feeling it's pretty safe to say, the 2011 FA and Draft class will be a leap frog year more than the last two to put us BACK and KEEP us in contention for years to come!

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    Re: Unsung hero in all this free agent frenzy?

    The biggest pickup for the Rams this offseason was Josh McDaniels, not any players. McDaniels doesn't count against the salary cap, so Mr. Kroenke had to have a hand in it - willing to pay for good coaches. Honestly, I think signing Josh McDaniels will have more of a positive impact on the offense than any player they add.

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    Re: Unsung hero in all this free agent frenzy?

    I think the person who really needs to be thanked is Chip. He is the one who brought in Devaney, who brought in Spags, who brought in, etc. Without him none of this would have never happened.

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    Re: Unsung hero in all this free agent frenzy?

    Since we keep shifting the thanks backwards(from Kronke to Chip), does that mean that as the next poster, I have to shift the thanks back to the Grim Reaper? May she rest in peace, but the Rams have only started to look better since Georgia passed. Could she have actually done the front office purge that Chip did, which brought us Devaney, which brought is Spags and McDaniels?

    So yes, I'll pass along the thanks for where we are today to the Grim Reaper.
    I believe!

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