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    Update on Turley

    According to SportsCenter, Turley's doctor said that it would be at least 3-6 months before he could pass a physical, and that he'd remain at 260 lbs. right now because he's been advised to add no more weight while rehabing. According to the doctor, Turley is experiencing problems in his upper and lower leg as well as numbness in his foot because of his back problems. They claimed it was pretty much a done deal that he'd be released from the Rams.

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    Re: Update on Turley

    Turley is both physically and mentally unable to perform in the truest sense of the word at this time. He is either deluding himself, which i strongly doubt, or trying to improve his arbitration position, which i believe.

    I dont believe turley is nuts at all. I think he is a self promoter that is looking at his post football career. Publicity is a good thing for him, just like it was for dennis rodman.

    I cant wait to see the arbitration hearing over the potential return of the bonus. A lot is on the line for the rams. If they win anything or get turley to settle and pay something back, it is a reduction in the cap hit that we have to take for next year and that is a very very big deal.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Update on Turley

    The media will be on turley's side when it comes to the money.....ESPN/Michael Irvin will spearhead that

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    Re: Update on Turley

    gc you know i was a big turley guy but i cant understand how something so good for the rams turned so bad that quickly.i met him at camp,he really is an ok guy.

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    Re: Update on Turley

    Don't forget how serious a back injury can be for an offensive lineman. It makes sense that he'd have to stay around 250-260 while rehabbing his back, and even if he isn't seriously rehabbing to get into the NFL, he's at least working hard to heal enough so that he can walk later in his life. If that was the case, I could see why he'd take offense to Martz hinting through the media that he wasn't taking his rehabbing seriously. He did overreact, but that's Kyle Turley in a nutshell.


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