Updated 53 man roster to reflect the recent moves (praying of course for no injuries in camp that effect this)

Offense (26)

bulger, chandler, smoker
faulk, jackson, gordon
goodspeed, harris
mamliamula, cleeland, jensen
bruce, holt, curtis, looker, mcdonald, furrey
pace, turley, williams
timmerman, mccollum, king, tercero
wohlambaugh, eby or turner (the other makes the practice squad)

Defense (24)

pickett, lewis, kennedy, holsey/brian howard
little, fisher, jackson, hargrove, flowers/moran
thomas, pisa, polley, chillar, two of the following (newsom, spoon, lloyd, trev faulk, justin smith, mcwilliams)
fisher, butler, groce, garrett
a williams, archuleta, coady, shivers, lucas

specialists (3)

wilkens, massey, nicassio/landetta

Other guys with a shot, but more likely candidates for the practice squad (unless someone gets hurt)

nick burley, sheddrick copeland, nijrell eason, brian sump (kick returner)

Other practice squad candidates- the 4th qb, coleman (wr), anyone else??????

If Moran gets beat out, he probably gets waived. If brian howard gets beat out, he probably winds up on the practice squad, along with two linebackers and at least one guy from the secondary.

Any updated thoughts from anyone?

ramming speed to all

general counsel