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    mxbrian Guest

    Talking Upon Further Review...

    OK, I thought you guys would appreciate this. I just finished watching the Rams N.E. game from earlier this season and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts.

    First, on the radio and on TV I keep hearing about how the first game between these two teams was SO close and how a fumble on the one yard line in the second quarter could have been the game maker for the Rams and a lucky break which allowed them to escape the terrible tundra of New England.

    I have to say that I jumped on the wagon and tried to believe that this superbowl could be a great game. After watching the tape, no way.

    Here is the REAL story of their first meeting.

    First, let's talk defensive injuries to the Rams: Adam Archuleta, Mark Fields, Leonard Little, Damione Lewis all go out in this game with injury. Az Hakim is also injured on the offense and has VERY limited time.

    Second, Kurt Warner has two picks and a fumbled snap which results in a turnover. Pick #1 is the result of a poorly run route by Proehl which never happens. Pick #2 is a hot read and the linebacker steps up. The fumble was also one of those very irregular things.

    Third, Jeff Wilkins misses a 42 yard field goal in the first half.

    Fourth, one of the only touchdowns the Pats get is on the pick which was a result of a bad route by Proehl.

    Fifth, Warner throws for 401 yards and absolutely picks the secondary apart on almost every drive. (only Warner's 2nd career 400 plus yard passing game)

    Sixth, the second touchdown of the Patriots comes late, when the game is in control by two TD's and the defense is playing soft, tired, and without 4 starters, three of which are critical to the pass defense.

    Seventh, the Rams kneel on the ball with 2:00 left in the game standing inside the N.E. 15 yard line after running nearly six minutes off the clock with nearly perfect offensive execution. They could have easily kicked a field goal or scored again making the score "not close".

    Finally, just watching the game you can see that the Patriots do not have a great defense, in fact, they don't have a very good defense and Warner & Company, without Az Hakim, ate them apart with no problem.

    Oh yeah, did I mention it was in Foxboro, in the cold weather, on grass? Guess I forgot that.

    Here's my prediction: The Rams air it out and go deep plenty with much success. Watch the deep crossing routes and the hot reads to Proehl and Faulk. TD's a plenty. The Pats defense doesn't even rank in the top 20 overall and it will show up this Sunday.

    As this week started, I thought it would be a close game, as I finish watching the tape, I realize the Rams are just plain great.

    Rams win HUGE !!!

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    Talking Brady bunch and THEIR blues...

    Totally agree MX. That game was not nearly as close --performance wise-- as the 24-17 score would suggest (by comparison, the win over the Giants was a much tighter, tougher game). Againts the Pats on Nov. 18 @ their place, Rams were simply the SUPERIOR force.

    No question the Patriots are prepping a special plan for SB XXXVI as opposed to a regular season matchup. Their biggest problem? So are the Rams.

    By the way, since Brady was chosen to start this Sunday, from my distant view I believe they will be aiming at shooting themselves on the foot -- he doesn't seem to be ready for a Championship game! Of course, Bledsoe is there but it just disrupts their horsepower potential, I think.

    Thanks for that game analysis MX. Good job. :cool:

    Three more days.

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    28rulz Guest
    Thanks for that info, it helps me rest a little easier hearing that recap. I have been trying hard to remember what went on in that game and I pd. more attentin to the Tampa and Saints games than this one. I couldn't recall being shaken by the Pats at all , now I know why...

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    DEADLY-O Guest
    AMEN!! I've went over just about everything I can get my hands on about the first matchup and I see the same things. I have probed the farthest reach's of my imagination, and I can't see the Pats wining. The outcome should be very clear from the beginning of the game. The Rams should be able to work this one for everything it's got....GO RAMS :lid:

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    Ram'nator Guest


    I totally agree - I did not have access to the tape, but having recently moved into an area where in just the last couple of weeks co-workers are starting to jump on the Ram Fan Wagon....I have been getting a lot of questions about that game.

    My recollection of the game was just as you were accurately able to describe - the score did not accurately reflect the game!!

    Another quick point to the Paties... I come from a family deep in the AFC tradition... "this crossover when the Rams came to St. Louie to the NFC has come as a shock for them"... and what I remember most about the Paties and rooting for them in earlier super bowls, simply to root for the AFC, was they were a sorry excuse of a team under pressure...:confused:

    My prediction is the RED HOT RAMS will put this one away early, Leaving the Paties in the "durf"!!:evilram:

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    Blankman17 Guest
    The storm clouds gather, the winds whipping leaves about and a cool air dances over the dome. The Greatest Show on Turf is about to be unleashed. Woe to the opposition. :wiseman:

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    valerius Guest
    I know this is the wrong thread to post this, but I don't care. I went to the game last Sunday and I just had to write and say how friggin exciting it was. I did not get my voice back until today. There was Rams stuff everywhere. I do believe that over 90% in attendance had some kind of Rams stuff on. It was amazing. Thanks for letting me vent!

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