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    Hello Ram brethren. I'm very happy to be a part of the clan. I have a few random thoughts to share. I read somewhere that M. Strahan is supposed to be teeing off on Warner this week since Tucker is so banged up. How about a Faulk sweep to his side on the first series and double team blocking from Conwell occasionally throughout the game. As far as going undefeated, we know that's next to impossible. There is always going to be at least one game the Ram's are a little off and the opponent plays their game of the decade. This season sure smells alot like the 1999-2000 season though. My prediction: Rams-30 Giants-13.

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    Welcome to the Clanram Zoltan (hey, I watched that film)

    Yea, I was thinking of a fullback sweep that way a few times, just to let him think he's in Hollywood :confused:

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