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    Vermeil hired Martz

    They met in a Mobile hotel room in January of 1999.

    That is where DV interviewed Mike, at the Senior Bowl.

    Give all the credit to Mike Martz, if you want, but make no mistake, DV hired Mike Martz.

    A smart move that deserves some credit towards the Rams success.

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    Re: Vermeil hired Martz

    I agree and all add DV was not an offensive coordinator he was a coach. He managed the entire team, which is hard to do if you are involved in play calling for the offense like MM. If you are play calling for the offense you need to be devoted to that the entire game when your team don’t have the ball you have to be thinking about what you need to try when you get it back. I think during the game when he spends time calling plays he is focusing more attention on the offense and if tried paying more attention to the ST and defense he would not be spending enough time evaluating his offensive game plan. The offensive coordinators that are in the booth I think have an advantage they can review plays and see better what is happening all over the field. They also can focus on nothing but calling plays. I think MM would be better if he was in the booth calling and just worrying about offense.

    I think the players on defense and ST would like a head coach that could focus as much attention on them as he would the offense. MM comes into games with more plays then anyone which requires more attention to detail in calling plays then an ordinary offensive coordinator. This makes it even harder to be an effective offensive coordinator and head coach. I am not a Martz basher but I do think that MM doing double duty takes away from him being able to do either one as good as he could.
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    Oh hell yes! That is how it went and DV deserves alot more credit. Sorry but Martz hasn't done as well since DV left!

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    Re: Vermeil hired Martz

    They are also tied together in their departure. Without Georgia's Tarot cards I can't know for sure, but in the end I suspect both had enough of the FO's antics.

    I'm not so sure we haven't seen what's coming already. It could be the 90s deja vu all over again.


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