To all I wish nothing but the best to all of you here ...
I would like to thank DEZ publicly for this E-mail (see below)and for making this site where we all can come together as a group of people from around the world to share The RAMS together ... Thank you again to you all of you here and for some you that I know better than others I want say that by knowing you my life is better and for being here and sharing our thoughts ...

I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Here is wishing that you and your family (Clan) have a great and wonderful time and that the coming 2006 brings you happiness and all that you aim for.

Thanks for being a valued member on the ClanRam and for taking part, either by posting or by just being there and reading the site. I hope you and your family will be an active member in 2006 as our Rams move into rebuilding mode ?

Best wishes