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    Re: Very proud of our guys, but ...

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
    This last statement clearly shows that you have no idea how the draft even works ....

    What is talent by definition?

    Teams don't always draft the most talented player available. If they did, we could just go to a set format BPA system and let the analysts decide who goes where ...

    Talented players get drafted in every round. You are telling me that Keenan Burton is not as talented as some of the wideouts drafted in the 2nd round? Burton slipped because of injury concerns ...

    Colston from New Orleans was a 7th round pick, I guess he is just a major overacheiver getting by on his good looks ...

    That Tom Brady, yep, he's not even in the same league talent wise as Manning. He couldn't be, right? He was a sixth round pick. And Eli Manning, yes, he is definitely more talented than Aaron Rodgers. He must be, he went 20 picks earlier than Rodgers did. And Brady, he can't hold a candle, talentwise, to Eli ...

    Akili Smith went in the first round, what a talent he was ...

    Man, Antonio Gates must be a talentless slob, he didn't even get drafted, neither did Romo. How about Asante Samuel, a 4th round scrub ...

    It amazes me when I think about some of the dumb things you say. Why don't you just let this argument die?

    Dude, I understand that you want to oppose my view no matter what I say and no matter what the subject is, because you're still feeling a bit stung.

    And futhermore, you can bring up all the examples you want about what players have thrived and what players are busts, but the simple common sense answer any team will give you about why they drafted one guy first overall, and another guy in the 6th round is because they believe one is obviously more talented than the other. I won't say which one they believe is more talented, let's see if you can figure it out.

    And by the way, the subject was dead as far as you were concerned, that is, until you opened your trap again. Now let's see if you can take your own advice.
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