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    Vid: Vitt Press conf. 6mb

    This is Wraiths post with pictures and sound so LOTR can know what he said.

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    Re: video:Vit.

    Awesome stuff, thanks psycho!

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    Re: video:Vit.

    thanks psycho, that was great stuff.

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    Re: video:Vit.

    hey i liked what this guy said......He needs to kick their asses and get them into shape like he was stating!.......He see's what we have been seeing! Poor oline play.........Dline needs help and needs to send 5 guys minimum after the QB if nothing else it will create more one on one line play for the opposing Offense!......hargrove ,green or Little as your outside linebacker kinda like what the Rams used to do with Kevin Greene!.............I'm telling you it will work! LL isnt getting aroung the tackle of late and if you put a down lineman on the tackle it will free up LL to get after the QB and by doing this it will clog up the line and mess with the Offense so much they will not know what to do!...........Drop him back at times and send a LB or CB-safety!.............Whats it gonna hurt to try it? Bring Arch back down in the box aince he is better suited for it than in coverage!.........Carter needs to learn how to tackle and you might as well put Atogwe in and see if he can punish the other players! pressure on the QB will drastically improve the Defense!


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