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Thread: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

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    The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    Guys, i just got home from the game here in Atlanta. I had 4 seats in the second row behind the rams bench on the 50 yard line and one seat in the first row. I also had field passes before the game for me and my daughters (11 and 9), both of who were dressed in full Rams game day garb. I have seen no highlights and read no summaries. The perspective live, especially directly behind the bench, is always different from TV. Almost no replays and no commentary, other than what you hear from people around you in the stands. I am sure you guys will correct me on multiple things in this post, and i can't wait to hear it.

    The Good

    In a hostile environment, against a super bowl contender and conference finalist last year, the Rams played an excellent second half, outscoring Atlanta 24-10 after falling behind 21-0, a good deal of which was self inflicted. There was no quit in the team. Even when they were way behind, the Rams were pretty upbeat on the sideline. They rallied, especially with the hurry up offense and better pass rush in the second half. They shut the running game for atlanta down almost completely (Jackson's injury helped), and believe me the stadium was nervous when the Rams but it to 7 twice in the fourth quarter. All of that bodes well for future games, as all opponents will not be as good as the falcons.

    My girls got their picture taken with Isaac Bruce before the game and got a game football from one of the team trainers. Awesome for them, tons of pictures pre game from the field. Got waives from a number of players who interacted with the kids, including Givens, Janoris, Ray Ray etc. Kroenke walked right by us, i said hello to him calling out his name, he didnt respond.

    Austin Pettis seemed to have a great game.
    Sammy was excellent and at his best in the fourth quarter. The drops really hurt him badly.
    The offensive line protected well. Barksdale appeared to step in very effectively for the injured Saffold.
    Pead appeared competitive on the last two drives. Richardson's foot or ankle was clearly bothering him.
    Quinn had one sack, but i thought a dissapointing game.
    Hecker punted well and the coverage was excellent.
    Tavon Austin showed flashes with two excellent TD catches, but he also dropped several balls, including a couple on third down.
    Other pre game observations- Cook is HUGE physically.
    Nice showing by Rams fans in the Dome. Reasonable support and about 15 of us clustered right behind the bench shouting encouragement all game (i gave out the clanram info hoping to recruit new members)
    Brockers is becoming a force of nature in the middle of the D Line in terms of stuffing the run.

    The Bad

    Inadequate pass rush in the first half killed us. Ryan had way too much time. To win this game, you had to figure that the Rams pass rush would hit Ryan early and often after watching Atlanta really struggle on the offensive line last week. It just didnt happen. Ryan gets the ball out quick, and they have too many weapons to give him time to thrown, even with Jackson out early with the injury.

    It was painful watching The Big Boy play against the Rams.
    Cunningham running the ball back from deep out of the end zone was a terrible decision. Matt Daniels was injured on the play and we (of course) got a penalty on the run back.
    Field position was awful all game (see Ugly section on penalties)
    It sure looked like we got screwed on the non call on the safety. Ryan appeared to throw the ball away from inside the pocket from his end zone. The falcons fans around me (the smart and non-drunk ones) also thought it looked like a safety. Unless Ryan was throwing to Wilt Chamberlain, i have no idea how that could have been a catchable ball, it looked like it was ten yards over the nearest receivers head.

    At the end of the day, we had no answer for Julio Jones and as much as anything else that killed us. Short, long and everything in between, the guy is a complete beast Jenkins fought him hard and made some plays, but he is so big, strong and fast that he is really tough to handle. It looked like we got caught in a blitz on the 3rd and long that Jones beat Jenkins on the long first half td.

    We also couldnt get off the field on third down. That also killed us.

    Chris Long played, but appeared invisible. I didnt see him make a single play.

    I hope Givens' ankle is ok. He played well, but limped off and on the field a couple of times.


    WAY TOO MANY PENALTIES and too many drops. The offsides on the first series, first third down on the game really hurt us, momentum and otherwise. Instead of getting right off the field, they wind up with a td on that drive. The penalties on the kick and punt returns are getting ridiculous. We are nowhere near good enough to start drive after drive from our own 10 yard line.

    The TD INT was just ugly. The ball hit richardson right in the hands. He has to catch that ball, rather than pop it up into the air so it gets run back for a td.

    Too many drops. Kendricks, multiple on Austin. Sammy can only throw it guys, he can't catch it also.

    The Saffold injury, i saw him go off on the cart, he looked completely depressed. Rams fans gave him nice applause and shouts of encouragement, he acknowledged no one. Saffold appears completely cursed. He can not stay healthy.

    Cook fell down tripping over his own two feet on a perfectly thrown ball by Sammy that should have been at least a 40 yard gain if not more.


    We got down too far on the road against a quality team. We fought back, but it was too far to climb. The hurry up worked well, i think we need to use more of it. There were encouraging signs in the second half, and i truly believe that if we could have gotten a stop of defense at the end, Sammy would have driven us down for the game tying score. We simply are not close to good enough to lose the turnover battle and make those kind of self inflicted errors against a good team on the road. Nothing to be ashamed of losing by a td on the road to atlanta, but we need to step it up a notch with two more tough games coming in a row and i hope that someone other than Quinn can develop a pass rush.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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    Re: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    Great post GC. Glad you got to go to the game and experience the players etc. I'm planning to do the same for the ***** game later this season. We'll win a lot more games this season based on our ability to come back last week and today. As you said we just need to cut down on the mistakes and penalties.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    The Falcons defense should get a Vegas show. They made a "physically HUGE" man virtually vanish before our eyes.

    Pretty much everything you saw live is what we were talking about while watching from home.

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    Re: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    °Gracias General! [Spelled the same, pronounced 'heh-neh-RAHL' (dry 'r', short 'ah')]

    Let's see what happens with Saffold's injury ... and his place on the OL.

    Now if only Bradford is given a little more time and the receivers are a little less nervous / a little more confident, our potential might produce! Hopefully these little differences will make a big difference.

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    Re: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    look at all the bad notes and look at the scoreboard...

    few years ago that was every game and a double digit loss

    not huge on moral victories...but dang it it's a different rams team, things that can be FIXED will be
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    Re: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    GC I wish I knew that you were going to the game so we could have met up. If you are going to the Panther's game then send me a PM.

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    Re: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    Excellent post. Sounds like an awesome time!

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    Re: The view from 2 rows behind the Rams bench today

    Cool, thanks counselor.

    It appeared to me that Long got at Ryan and pushed him inside when Quinn grabbed the sack from behind. I don't think Quinn gets the sack without Long's pressure, so while I'd at least give him credit for that... it's not good that's the only play for him I can come up with

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