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    MartialRAM Guest

    Visiting SL

    Hey, I'll be in STL this Monday thru Friday. Where is a good Sports Bar to watch the Monday night game that is East of STL?


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    Re: Visiting SL

    Hey MartialRam. St Louis is a great city. The best sports bar is by the Savvis Center at the hang out with KLOU radio. The Adams Mark. But just ask the locals when you get there. This is not like California where there was not much fan fare. This city loves it's sports teams.
    And they will let you where the hang outs are.
    You like steak Hart & Deerdorfs is nice and really friendly.
    Have a great time. Once you experience the Dome you will not want to attend another game anywhere else.

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Visiting SL

    When I was in St/ lou for the Bash, Flanneries was a hot spot for the sports scene and we had a great time. Washington and 14th St. Say hello to Gabby the bar tender for me, she'll remember. The only two guys from Maine that's been in there for quite some time. Lyle, Kyle and the locals were out of this world as far as hospitality. Lot's of TV's and cold beers.... ahhhh I wish I was back !!!!LOL

    Maineram -

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    Re: Visiting SL

    Monday night will be the St. Louis Cardinals against Houston Astros game 5 at Houston. The bars will probably have both the Cardinals and the Rams. If needed Wednesday game 6 and Thursday game 7 of the NLCS will be at St. Louis and all the bars will be showing it. Game 7 will be Roger Clemens if you want to try to get scalper tickets you can see a future HOF. Next week could be very exciting in St. Louis you could go to a bar and join the Cardinal fans watching Houston and St. Louis. St. Louis has been battling injuries and must take one game in Houston or else Houston will win in Game 5 at Houston. Series is 2-1 Houston.

    As for sports bars I would not be a good reference because I rarely go to any to watch the game but you should find a lot of good sports bars. There is a lot of good places to eat the Hill has good Italian. Dierdorf & Harts is also good for steaks.
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    MartialRAM Guest

    Thumbs down Re: Visiting SL...Thanx!

    Thank you all for the great information and extra ideas. Looking forward to my trip...not the work part, but the party part.



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