Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

(Opening statement)

“Before we get started, I would like to introduce you to Matt Irvin. He’s the High School Coach of the Year. He’s from MICDS. They were 13-1 this year, a great accomplishment. Matt do you have anything you want to say to the guys? Why don’t you handle this stuff and I’ll go back…”

“We got our first-down, second-down package done today. I thought the guys came back…they were spirited. We moved with good quickness and good intent. Tomorrow we will get the nickel packages in, and we’re on our way.”

(On T Alex Barron’s injury status)

“Alex Barron is going to need surgery, and he’s going to get it either this evening or tomorrow morning. We won’t have him for this week, but we’ll have him for the following week.“

(On QB Jamie Martin’s injury status)

“Jamie Martin still has blurred vision. We thought that he’s be a little bit better. He flunked his baseline test, so he couldn’t go today.”

(On whether that means that QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter)

“I know, it’s unbelievable, and it’s like the Kennedy assignation. We’ll make that decision later on in the week.”

(On whether it is possible that the starting QB may be decided simply by who is not injured)

“Oh, absolutely. We’ll just have to wait and see. You know, today’s Wednesday and we have some time.”

(On whether LB Trev Faulk played well enough to earn another start)

“Yes, he did, and he practiced very well today. And that evaluation is ongoing. He split the time with [LB Chris] Claiborne today, and we’ll see what happens at the end of the week. Whoever practices the best is going to play.”

(On what Trev Faulk brings to the defense)

“Well, he has a little bit more range. He’s been in the system a year longer so he’s a little more familiar with it. And we’re just trying to upgrade the position a little bit.”

(On how Fitzpatrick looked today at practice)

“I thought he looked really sharp. I thought he looked sharp in both team periods. I thought he was a little rusty in the seven-on-seven. I thought he was accurate on his down-field throws, and I think he’s the kind of guy that will get better tomorrow.”

(On T Matt Morgan’s game readiness)

“I think he’s gotten better. I think he’s taken his game a lot more seriously. He has good balance. He has a nice anchor to him. He has pretty good hand placement. He studies hard. He takes his business seriously, so I think that he has a chance. He has a chance to have a good future in the National Football League, and in the immediate future if he need to go in there, he’ll be prepared.”

(On how he feels about the possibility of going into a game without starting tackles Pace and Barron)

“I’m pretty weather-beaten right now. Nothing surprises you, so, no I’m not. This team has responded well to adversity. They take everything very seriously, so we’re going to play the hand we’re dealt. That’s all we can do.”

(On T Orlando Pace’s injury status)

“I think he’s going to be fine. We’re getting him a little bit of time off. He may come out and get some stuff in tomorrow afternoon, and then definitely be ready for Friday.”

(On whether he feels like he needs to help Fitzpatrick from getting distracted by the spotlight)

“I don’t think he’s a nightlife guy, and I don’t think he had a lot of distractions in his life. He comes to work, he studies his game, he goes home and studies his game some more, and gets up and comes to work in the morning. I think that’s basically his profile. I think that’s one of the things that makes him successful.”

(On whether Fitzpatrick gets teased about being from Harvard and does his big win end all that)

“You know, he really doesn’t take that much. He really doesn’t. I think guys respect his skill level, guys respect his intensity, guys respect his commitment to the game. He really doesn’t. He, kind of, blends in well with the guys. I think he shows everybody a lot of respect and he gets it in return. I believe that about the kid.”

(On how good it is to have S Adam Archuleta and CB DeJuan Groce back in practice)

“Yeah, it is. And they were a little bit rusty today. They had to knock the rust off, both of them were. But we have two more day of good work. I think we’ll be fine.”

(On who would be the teams’ third quarterback if Martin cannot play)

“Well, we have a couple options at that. One is a wide receiver that you have seen play before back there, also was our nickel last weekend if we had to go. We’ll wait and see, and maybe run the option.”

(On his contract adjustment)

“It was great. [I am] very happy with it, very flattered.”

(On how often he speaks to Head Coach Mike Martz)

“Everyday, twice-a-day most days. At least once a day.”

(On whether he can tell that Martz is ready to be back coaching)

“I think this is the best he has felt, really, since his surgery in the wintertime. His energy levels are getting better. He feels great. When you feel good at this time of the year, it’s really strange for a coach because usually by this time of year, when you get to December, you start to get drained, you start to get tired, [and] you start to get achy. When you feel good, you’re really itching to get back, and I sympathize with that, but his health comes first. It really does. Just because he feels good right now that doesn’t mean he’d feel good two weeks from now. He has to take these things slow.”

(On whether he ever tells Coach Martz that he has the team under control and to relax)

“You know what I do tell him, I say, Mike, I’m telling you the same that that you’d tell me if I was in your position, and your health comes first.”

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

(On how things have chanced for him personally after being thrust into the spotlight)

“Well, I think the biggest thing is my cell phone keeps ringing, but other than that I have to stay focused and keep working and keep getting better.”

(On whether he saw himself on ESPN’s Sports Center)

“I did not, but I heard a lot about it.”

(On what his parents had to say after the win)

“They were pretty excited about it. My dad tried to play it off like it was something that he had expected all the way, but they were real excited.”

(On how the last four days for him have been)

“Yeah, it’s been a little hectic. It’s funny going from a guy that nobody knows, nobody talks to, to this guys that everybody’s calling and wants to talk to.”

(On whether it is tougher to focus with all the attention)

“I don’t think so. Last week’s game is last week’s game and now we have shifted our focus onto Washington.”

(On whether he has trouble be anonymous around St. Louis now)

“I went out to dinner last night. Nobody recognized me, so I’m still laying low.”

(On whether he heard from his friends from Harvard)

“Yeah, I think everybody I ever came into contact with at Harvard gave me a call.”

(On whether he spoke to Harvard football coach Tim Murphy)

“Yeah, I talked to Coach Murphy.”

(On Harvard getting attention on the athletic-front)

“I think it’s nice to get the Harvard football program out there, because a lot of people especially on the West Coast don’t know the type of football that’s played out there, at the type of level that they play it.”

(On whether leading the Rams back to win and winning NFC Offensive Player of the Week seem surreal)

“Not really. We just went into the game so focused on trying to make plays, trying to get the ball in the hands of playmakers on the team. Those guys did a great job. Throwing a screen pass to [WR] Kevin Curtis and watching him run for 50 yards, I don’t really have to do much in order to get that done. It was just a great situation for me to step into.”

(On whether he was nervous when he went into an NFL game for the first time)

“No, I was just trying to get the play call right. Just saying it over in my head, running out to the huddle. There is a lot of confidence in the huddle, I think, as far as the other guys on the offense. We just got the play called, [and] we got off and running.”

(On whether the players in the locker room ever treat him different because he’s from Harvard)

“I’ve heard just about everything. The best is [that] everybody expects me to know every answer to every question. During training camp some guys were in a big, heated discussion, so I walked over to see what they were talking about. They said, ‘Fitz, you can answer this question; you’re from Harvard.’ I said, okay, maybe it’s some trivial question, some history, something. They said, ‘What do you think would hurt more, getting hit in the face by the trunk of an elephant or being kicked in the face by a donkey?’ So that is one of the stranger questions I’ve been asked.”

(On whether he thinks he will start)

“We’re not sure what the deal is. I think I’ll get some reps in practice today, and just kind of go.”

(On whether he would be disappointed if he does not start)

“I don’t think so. The coaches are going to do what is best for the team. They put us in the best situation to win, and whatever decision they make is a good decision.”

(On whether starting with some notice would be easier than being thrust into a game)

“Well, I think I’ll get more reps in practice this week, regardless. So I think that will make the transition a little smoother, but at the same time there is probably a little bit more as far as expect now than there was last week if I were to play.”

(On whether he feels fortunate having so many playmakers around him)

“Yeah, absolutely. Like I said, it was a great situation for me to step into, with [WR] Isaac Bruce on one side, [WR] Torry Holt on the other, [WR] Kevin Curtis could come into the game, handing off to [RB] Steven [Jackson], throwing the ball to [RB] Marshall [Faulk], so I couldn’t have asked for a better situation.”

T Alex Barron

(On why his hand was wrapped today)

“I suffered a hand injury late in the game Sunday.”

(On how he was injured)

“I was just blocking one play [and] it got caught up a little bit, got injured.”

(On what his hand was caught up on)

“I don’t even know what it was. I just know it happened. I came to the sideline and checked it out and something was wrong with it. But, you know, I just finished the game.”

(On whether his hand will be ready to play this coming Sunday)

“No, I’m not sure. I’m supposed to be undergoing something this week, so I’m not sure. We’re still checking in with doctors and stuff.”

(On whether he had surgery on his hand today)

“No, I’m supposed to have surgery tomorrow.”

(On whether he thinks that surgery will keep him out for multiple weeks)

“No, it shouldn’t. It’s most likely that the surgery is going to go well, or what not. Then [I will] just try to get back as soon as I can.”

LB Trev Faulk

(On how he felt he played in his first start this season)

“I think I did okay. I mean, I did some positive things and I did some things that weren’t so positive. Overall, I think it’s a positive experience. We won, most importantly.”

(On whether it is now a priority for him to stay in the starting position)

“No, not really. I am just trying to take things day-to-day. I might not be starting today. I’m just trying to take things day-to-day and after that week-to-week. I prepare myself the same regardless of whether going in I know I am starting or going in I know that I will be a backup, so it doesn’t really matter.”

(On how much his knowledge of the defense has changed since his starts last year)

“Completely different, [like] night and day. I know so much more and am so much more comfortable right now then when I got a chance to start a few games last year. I think I’m better prepared just from having more experience and having a couple of years in the system now. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable.”

WR Isaac Bruce

(On what QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s strengths are)

“I really don’t know. I haven’t seen him that much. He just came in confident. Confidence is a big part of it. Confidence will carry you a long way.”

(On Fitzpatrick stepping in without having a lot of reps with the first team)

“He was getting mental reps. He was getting reps with the scout team, so that’s important. I think it helped when he got into the regular huddle in a game situation. Football players just play, and that’s what happened.”

(On if he was surprised by Fitzpatrick’s play against the Texans)

“No, nothing surprises me too much anymore in football. Everyone around here is just waiting for an opportunity, and when opportunity presents itself, it’s up to you to take advantage of it.”

(On reaching 12,000 career receiving yards)

“Me, personally, I’ll just wait until the end of the season and then just go, sit down and look at it all and think about it. It’s special for this organization. For a guy that they drafted, for an accomplishment like that, it’s big for us.”

CB Ron Bartell

(On Redskins’ QB Mark Brunell, a left handed quarterback)

“The ball comes out a little differently. They run their plays to a different side of the field, but as far as mobility, he brings the same type of mobility [as Houston QB David Carr]. He has a pretty good arm. They’re more of a running team. They have a great back in Clinton Portis. So, we’ll see what happens.”

(On if he notices a difference in his style of play as he progresses in practice)

“I feel like I’m getting a lot better. I feel a lot more comfortable now that I was able to get my feet wet. I was playing a little bit of the nickel early on, but now that I’m starting, I feel a lot more comfortable. I feel I have a ways to go to keep progressing, and I’m hoping to do so.”

(On how familiar he is with the Redskins’ wide receivers)

“I’m pretty familiar, coming from Howard, I used to go up there a couple of times during training camp and watch the wide outs. Santana [Moss] wasn’t there when I used to go up there, but watching film and playing him on Sunday, I’ll get real familiar with him.”

(On Redskins’ WR Santana Moss)

“He’s a little shifty guy, quick. He’s very good after the catch. He’s real explosive, probably one of the most explosive receivers in the league. I think it will be a good match-up for us. I think it will be a good challenge for me and the rest of the DB’s.”

DE Anthony Hargrove

(On making defensive changes in the second half against the Texans)

“It was good. Anytime you come back like that and win, especially in 30 seconds get 10 points, it feels great. You know you really can do anything.”

(On if the Rams’ lost confidence heading into the Houston game)

“No, we never lose confidence. We knew it was a 60-minute ball game. Everybody who turned their TV off before it became 0:00, those people lost confidence. We never lost it.”

(On Redskins’ QB Mark Brunell and RB Clinton Portis)

“Clinton Portis is a great running back. Mark Brunell, he’s having a good year. He’s 35 years old and is playing like a 20-something year old guy. Clinton Portis is a guy, he’s only had 900 yards rushing, but he’s a breakaway back. Anytime he touches the ball, he’s a threat. Offensively, they look really good.”

(On Brunell being known to run the ball a lot in the past)

“He still is. He hasn’t lost his legs. That’s why I said that he looks like a guy that’s 20 years old running out there. He’s out there just running around. He has a run for 25 yards this year, so he still has the ability to get out and run.”

G/T Blaine Saipaia

(On the symptoms he has had with his concussion)

“I still feel a little bit funny. I’m still getting the headaches in and out again. They come and go; they’re just not as frequent. Daily, the intensity is just kind of subsiding a little bit. I’m going to be able to go out there today and do a few things.”

(On if he was surprised by QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s performance)

“No, not at all, Ryan is a good quarterback. He just needed an opportunity, and he took full advantage of it Sunday.”

(On how hard it is to watch the offensive linemen go down and not be able to help)

“It’s tough, particularly on a personal level. It’s tough to sit there and watch practice when you know the guys are hurt and trying to battle through it. It’s not like I banged an elbow or a shoulder or a knee or anything, it’s my noggin. I really have to take serious consideration, because I have a family that I have to think about. That’s the hard part, but I know that my family is the most important thing, and if I have to sit out, I have to sit out, but I’ll support my teammates in whatever fashion I can.”

(On if he has had concussions before)

“Not at this level. I’ve never really felt this way this long, and it’s pretty weird. It’s a weird feeling. It’s frustrating, but I’m going to have to see how quickly I’ll be able to get back out there.”

WR Kevin Curtis

(On QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s performance against the Texans)

“He did a great job. Coming in like that, it being his first time stepping on the field, he played phenomenally. He deserves all the credit in the world.”

(On what he was thinking when he caught the game-winning pass)

“My first thought was catching it, then I saw a crease, and I wanted to just try to get up field as fast as I could and get as many yards as I could. Usually, there is something coming from the backside to run that down. When I got through the crease, I still saw a lot of room.”

(On if it matters to him who plays quarterback on Sunday)

“The way [Fitzpatrick] played was great, and you would like for that to carry over, but as a team, the way we came together and the way things fell our way at the end, I think it did a lot for our team to bring us together, keep us together. No matter who the quarterback is, we have confidence in both guys, but the way Fitz[patrick] played, I think you have to get him back out on the field.”

(On if he feels like Sunday is an elimination game for both the Rams and Redskins)

“Yeah, this time of year given our record, it gets to the point where we can’t afford to lose many games and still have a shot at making it. For us to get in there’s a good chance that we have to win out or not really lose for the rest of the year. It’s definitely a critical game.”