Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

(Opening statement)

“We had a good workout today, then again, we had a good workout this time last week. I hope that it transpires to a win.”

(On whether he has decided on a quarterback)

“I have, but I’m not going to announce it.”

(On whether the amount of reps the quarterbacks are getting in practice is indicative of who will start)

“No, I wouldn’t read anything into that.”

(On how QB Jamie Martin is looking in practice)

“Looks good.”

(On how QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is feeling this week)

“He’s fine.”

(On whether he is as sore as he was yesterday)

“I didn’t ask him today. He looked alright to me.”

(On why he thinks T Alex Barron has a bright future)

“Here’s a guy that, whenever you draft, especially an offensive lineman, you really don’t know what you’re going to get. You don’t know about the toughness, the athleticism, when it goes into the National Football League. He has athleticism, he has quicks, he’s a quick learner, and now you see the toughness part of it. Right after surgery, coming back and going against [Eagles’ DE] Jevon Kearse, I thought, was impressive. He’s a guy that continues to get better every game. I stand on what I say, and he has a bright future.”

(On what Barron needs to work on)

“He’s never been, I think, in a very serious weigh program. I think an offseason of power lifting is going to do him a world of good.”

(On why RB Steven Jackson missed practice)

“Same thing. He has the hip pointer.”

(On whether he will be ready to play on Saturday)

“Well, I think so. I think he’ll be okay. We’ll have to wait and see.”

(On how bad of a hip pointer or if there are degrees of that injury)

“I don’t think so. I don’t know if there is or not.”

(On whether he would like to see Steven Jackson practice tomorrow is he’s going to play Saturday)

“No, I trust him. If he tells me at game time he’s ready to go, I trust him. I trust him.”

(On the absence of G Rex Tucker and G Claude Terrell)

“Both got sick. We had [S] Jerome Carter yesterday, and both of these guys got sick again today. Seriously, now we’re going to have to fumigate a room in there. Really, the offensive line room, they are all getting sick. We’re going to have to do something. It’s unbelievable.”

(On whether Tucker was ever feeling better)

“Yeah, yesterday. He felt good yesterday. His blood work has been good.”

(On whether he is seeing the improvement he wanted from the offensive line)

“Well, we’re not padded. I like the way we’re finishing, I like the way we’re coming out of the huddle, I like the way we’re assigning technique and we’re sound, I like that. So we have to see now. We’ll see what happens on [Saturday]. That’s what we get paid for [Saturday], we’re not getting paid to run around here and do all this stuff. This helps you. But it’s a result-oriented business.”

(On if he would like to play DTs Jeremy Calahan and Clifford Dukes)

“Absolutely. We have our personnel meeting tomorrow night and we’ll see who had the best week of practice, and we’ll go from there.”

(On the versatility of T Matt Morgan)

“He’s versatile in practice. I don’t know about that in a game. I was pretty happy when we had him play in Minnesota two weeks ago. I thought he did a pretty good job on the edge against [DE Lance] Johnstone. I don’t know how good he’ll be inside in a game situation. We’ll see.”

(On his decision process while choosing the starting quarterback)

“Who I think will give us the best chance to win.”

(On if Fitzpatrick’s confidence level influences his decision)

“I don’t know if there is anything wrong with his confidence level.”

(On if he had a chance to talk to Head Coach Mike Martz before practice)

“Briefly, about three minutes. I went upstairs to get the stuff, and when practice started, I just didn’t have the time.”

(On how he thought Martz looked)

“Oh, he looks good. I was going to ask him how I looked.”

S Mike Furrey

(On if the Rams-***** rivalry still has the same intensity)

“Yeah, it’s still carrying over from when the Rams were in California and being near San Francisco. It’s a big rival. It’s still a big rival here in St. Louis. Obviously, neither of us want to be in the position that we’re in right now. They beat us out there, and we feel like we owe them back for that, but also the rivalry is still there to get a win and continue to get better.”

(On *****’ QB Alex Smith)

“He’s struggling a little bit, but he’s out there trying to make plays. Obviously, they have a lot of money invested in him, so they’re going to stick with him at let him learn the hard way. They’re trying to establish a running game as well. They’re getting a couple of their wide receivers back this week. So, they’ll be ready to come into town, but we just need to continue what we’ve been doing the last couple weeks, especially on defense, stop the run, eliminate the pass and we’ll be alright.”

(On *****’ WR Brandon Lloyd)

“He’s a big target. He has speed, deceptive speed. He’s a big play guy, and he likes to make big plays down the field and do his thing 15 yards or more. We’re going to try to take care of it this weekend.”

(On having nine players on IR)

“That’s part of the game. Over the last couple years, you’re always missing people here and there. You don’t want to lose the people that you’re counting on and the people that you feel comfortable with, especially during preseason. It’s just a time for other people to step up, perform and play. You can’t dwell on things that we’re missing and start making excuses for this and that. You just need to go out there every Sunday and play, and it’s a good opportunity for the young guys to go out, establish themselves and make a name for themselves in the NFL.”

RB Steven Jackson

(On how his hip is feeling)

“A little better, I’m taking it day-to-day. It’s a hip pointer, so it’s kind of one of those nagging injuries that gives you pain when you make sudden movements.”

(On if there is much he can do to help his hip)

“No, there’s not. It’s just time, icing and putting stimulants on it, but mostly it’s just time. It needs time to heal up.”

(On how it affected him during the game)

“I don’t know. You play through pain all the time in this game, and it was just one of those things where I didn’t feel like I could get my burst like I normally can.”

(On the Rams-***** rivalry)

“A rivalry is a rivalry no matter what you’re going through. A rivalry game is a game where you could be winless, but you want to beat your rival. The game hasn’t lost any luster or any significance. It’s still going to be a hard fought game with both teams going out and playing like we were playing to be in the playoffs.”

DE Anthony Hargrove

(On whether the Rams’ will be looking for redemption after losing to the ***** in the season opener)

“Yeah, definitely. They gave us our first loss of the season. Especially special teams-wise, they had a big return against us, so we’re definitely looking to get back even with them for those plays.”

(On what the attitude of the team is towards this game)

“We’re always anxious to play because we have a lot we’re trying to prove, still at this point of the year. So it is not people walking around sad. We all walk around happy, up-beat. We get to play on Sunday again, well Saturday now, and that’s what we’re thankful for and looking to.”

(On whether the rivalry with San Francisco will be less for this game)

“No, because every time we play each other it is never truly a blowout. At least since I’ve been here, we’ve never really blown them out; it has always been a dogfight. So that’s how we’re going to go at it Saturday, for another dogfight.”