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    Vitt's Press Conference

    Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

    (Opening statement)

    “Really, my eyes didn’t lie to me yesterday during the game. I have the same feeling right now that I had in the postgame press conference. You can’t do what we did in the redzone and only come away with 13 points on five possessions. You can’t have eight penalties, three of which where in critical, critical situations. You cannot turn the ball over, and you can not give up big plays or the big play like we did defensively and beat a good football team on the road.”

    (On what could be done better in the redzone)

    “I think it is a variety of things. We had some offsides in the redzone. We had some dropped balls in the redzone. We had a fumble in the redzone. We had a sack in the redzone. So you can take your pick. We have to get it completely cleaned up.”

    (On whether some of the issues may have been caused by players being fresh off injuries)

    “There is no question. [WR] Torry [Holt] is dragging that leg with a brace. I thought he got better as the game went on. He made the big fourth-down catch in the redzone on the fade. I think Ike [WR Isaac Bruce] as the game went on he caught a digger across the middle and got back in the rhythm. I thought he ran better on that one than on the missed corner route earlier in the game. I thought [QB] Marc [Bulger] was really sharp throughout. I thought he had good pocket presence, and good zip on the ball, and fairly accurate. I think those things do take time to get back in sync. It’s something we’ll continue to work on.”

    (On whether some of the players that were back from injuries should have waited longer)

    “No. I think they are both professionals and they felt they could go. They worked hard in practice and showed in practice that they could go, and they went. And they will be better for it.”

    (On whether WR Isaac Bruce was healthy enough to be playing)

    “Yeah. I’m never going to question Ike. He’s a consummate professional. He works extremely hard. When he says he’s ready to go, I’m not going to question that.”

    (On the rotation that was used at the guard positions)

    “I thought [G] Claude [Terrell] did pretty well. We got into some passing situations down the stretch where we were down 15 points and needed two scores. As we have stated before, he kind of tires at the end a little bit, and we were going to put him in passing situations where he would really have to be really sure of his pass protection stuff. So we put [G] Rex [Tucker] in there for a few, and I thought Rex did a good job when he was in there. And Claude is going to continue to get better, but at the same time, he’s at a developmental period right now where he has to work on his conditioning so that he can finish strong. And he will.”

    (On the play of right guard Adam Timmerman)

    “[On] the right side, Adam [Timmerman] did some good things, and then struggled sometime. Adam has been kind of banged up this year. He’s has a lot of surgeries in the offseason. He had the back [injury] two weeks ago. Adam can play better, and he will play better.”

    (On having numerous penalties after employing officials in practice to concentrate on that)

    “Very disappointing. Very, very disappointing. It was a point of emphasis now for the last two weeks. I tell our players, this is not a perfect game played by perfect people, but to have the type of penalties when we had them was very disappointing. In the last drive, I think they take the field with 6:38 left to go, and we’re trying to get the ball back to our offense, taking time outs. We had two critical offsides on third down where we’re going to be off the field. One was a sack, and you cannot do those things against good football teams on the road and expect to win. And that is just a fact.”

    (On whether it looked like an offsides when he reviewed the tape)

    “I can tell, but I don’t want to comment on that. It is what it is. It was called, so…”

    (On whether he think WR Kevin Curtis was interfered with on the play Bulger threw the interception)

    “He got hooked. He got hooked, but, you know, that’s part of the game. It just is. You can’t get hooked and you can’t throw an interception. That is just, you know. But he was hooked. And some get called and some don’t. You just have to move on.”

    (On whether TE Brandon Manumaleuna needs to secure the football better)

    “Yeah. He can do a better job of working on it in practice, and then secure it in a game. And let’s not get paralysis through analysis. Hold on the ball when you have the ball. You’re protecting the future of this football team and every member on the football team. Our lives are in your hand. You’re carrying it right now. Protect it.”

    (On the big plays in the secondary and whether they were blown coverage or well designed plays)

    “No, the one long ball in the second quarter, they run a shallow cross, [S] Mike Furrey jumps it. It’s similar to what happened in the first game. [CB] DeJuan Groce is driving to the deep middle. [CB Travis] Fish[er] is over the top. We have to locate the ball in order to catch the ball. If we don’t locate the ball in the air, it’s not going to take us to the receiver. And we did not locate the ball, and they made a big catch.”

    (On whether it was less an issue of coverage than it was ball awareness)

    “Locate the ball. We had two of ours on one of theirs. Locate the ball.”

    (On how the Rams approach the rest of the season)

    “Here’s our approach. We get to come back to practice on Wednesday, and we get the opportunity to play (Arizona) and we get the opportunity to get better. When these guys came in today, we didn’t put candles in the room and have organ music playing and violins and the Grim Reaper around the corner. It is what it is. We lost the football game yesterday through our own mistakes, through needless penalties. We’ll discuss them, coach them, be accountable for them and now we have to move on. That’s what it is. We’re working right now on (Arizona). There’s nothing I can do about the past except learn from it, and come back here Wednesday. Like I said, we get to go to practice. We don’t have to do anything. We’ve all done this job since we were in seventh and eighth grade playing football. We did it for free, now we’re getting paid for it. Why should that change our approach? We get to play a game this weekend. I’m excited about that.”

    (On if those were the thoughts he conveyed to the team today)

    “Yeah, basically.”

    (On the third down situations during the Rams’ last drive against Seattle)

    “What was frustrating was that we have been such a good third-down team on defense. One of the goals going into this game was to play better first-down defense, get ahead of the downs. For the most part, we did that the whole game. We really did. We got into some nice second-down situations and got into some nice third-down situations. To drop coverage on third down, to be offsides on third down, to align offsides on third down and give them another chance, we gave up 17 points when we were able to get out on third-down and there was a penalty called. It’s very frustrating as much as we stress penalties and playing with discipline and playing with a lot of poise under pressure. We just have to keep working on it.”

    (On the bootleg play by Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck)

    “We have man coverage. Keep your eyes on your man and go cover your man. The end. That’s all you do.”

    (On the perceived lack of production from LBs Dexter Coakley and Chris Claiborne)

    “I thought Coakley had a great game yesterday. Coakley opens up the second half with an interception and takes it down to the 20-yard line. We only get three points out of it. Against a good football team like Seattle on the road, first possession of the second half, that was a momentum changer. I thought Claiborne played his best game tackle-to-tackle, but he gave up one 16-yard run where he was a little bit short and missed the line. I thought he played pretty good yesterday.”

    (On how the Rams’ run defense was against Seattle)

    “Overall, and I know you’re all going to think I’m nuts, it was pretty good. You take away, I think it was the one 53-yarder, we had a missed tackle for a 6-yard gain in the second quarter. If you take away the 17-yarder that he had at the end of the game, what did he have, 31 touches, 33 touches? If you take away those two long runs, which we said we cannot give up big plays. We pounded him pretty good. To his credit, he held onto the ball, he withstood the pounding and at the end of the game when he had to make a play, and they had to keep possession, he made it, and we didn’t. We did a lot of good things in the running game, against their running game.”

    (On if he feels the Rams did a better job of guarding against the cutback)

    “We did a better job. This is their trio of personnel, three wideouts, two backs, and that’s when they’re going to run the lead weak. Off the lead weak, they run the bootleg. We saw it in the first game, and we did a much better job with that. They had 16 snaps to that personnel group, and I think they had 54 yards total offense. So, that was encouraging.”

    (On T Alex Barron)

    “Let me tell you something. He’s going to be held accountable for those (penalties). This is a young player who missed a portion of training camp. Again, he’s playing in a big game on the road with a lot of crowd noise. He knows he can’t do that. We know he can’t do that. At this point, and I believe this in my heart, to holler, scream, demean and do all of those things doesn’t do anybody any good. He knows he was wrong. He doesn’t want to be wrong, and he’ll work hard to get better.”

    (On what Barron being held accountable means)

    “You’re held accountable to your teammates. You’re held accountable to your coaches. It’s shown in front of the whole team. That’s being accountable. At the end of the day, we’re all going to be held accountable.”

    (On S Mike Furrey)

    “I’ve said this before; I think he’s just a good football player. I think you could line him up at tailback, and he’d probably get positive yards at tailback. You could put him at fullback, and he’d do a good job at fullback. I think you could put him at quarterback and probably run the option. He’s just a good football player. Really, truth be told, I think on their second possession I should have challenged the interception that he had on our sideline. When he came down, I think the ground caused the fumble. I think he had two yesterday. I should have probably challenged that. He has good ball skills because of his receiving background. He has great anticipation. He does a good job of reading the quarterbacks eyes. Because he was a receiver, he does a good job with pattern read. He feels number one coming in. He knows number two is going to the post. He puts those things together. He’s done a good job.”

    (On RB Marshall Faulk’s performance against Seattle)

    “Outstanding. I thought he was really outstanding. He had some big, big plays and kept some drives alive. The things that I didn’t know about Marshall until I had to start watching our whole football team is the way he can protect the quarterback, and the way he can pick up blitzes, and the way he can set protections and the vision he has during the game. He’s a special player.”

    (On if he prefers running RB Steven Jackson in the red zone)

    “I think by design, and we talked about this as a staff this morning, I think we have to get Steven the ball with his shoulders square. Counter steps and then going and cutting, hey, keep your shoulders square, and let’s hit it downhill. Not only can he make people miss, but let him be square when he drops his pads and runs over somebody.”

    (On the Rams’ pass rush against Seattle)

    “I thought we’d get a little bit better pressure. This is Leonard’s [Little] first game back in almost a month, and he’ll be better. I thought Brandon Green would have given us a little more, but it didn’t happen. They are a good offensive line, and we’ll get better at that.”

    (On RB/KR David Allen)

    “You look at him, and he can make the first guy miss, which is critical. I think overall, our punt average was better yesterday than it has been all year. We had only 8 yards, but it’s better. It scares me a little bit when he catches the ball in his pads. He dropped that first one. You can hear it hit, then he puts it away. You’d like to see him have softer hands, but he has real good intent. He has good balance. He has good lower body strength. He has good field vision. So, I think it’s a really exciting prospect for us to work with.”

    (On if the fake field goal was supposed to be wide open on the left side)

    “I wouldn’t have called it if I didn’t think so. Their motive was to come inside and try to block the field goal, step and come inside. It was an eight-game breakdown. They did a good job of self-scouting themselves. That’s all on me.”

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    Re: Vitt's Press Conference

    The one thing I like about Vitt is that he is direct. He's not our future head coach, but right now I wouldnt take anyone else.


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