Tuesday Morning

- Mike Martz has an excellent feel for the pulse of his team and even better judgment about when to pull back on the reigns a little bit. Tuesday was a perfect day to allow the team some down time. The players will almost certainly reward Martz for his dedication with some brisk and solid practices leading up to Saturdayís scrimmage.

- It was great to see nearly every Ram ensure that they signed an autograph for the members of the Disabled Athlete Sports Association that were in attendance Tuesday morning. There were about 10 kids in wheelchairs and the players made it a point to sign and visit with the kids.

- On to the happenings on the field. I canít quite put my finger on it, well, maybe I can, but Jeremy Carter has some serious potential. The kid possesses the type of breakneck speed that would make him a dynamite deep threat in this offense. That isnít to say he will make the team, in fact he will have a difficult time cracking the receiving corps, but he might be a perfect fit on the practice squad. Carter is raw as a receiver and has plenty to learn, but those are the kind of players that you want on the practice squad. Carter made some impressive catches in the morning session.

- Punter Reggie Hodges needs some work on his directional kicking. That was certainly a problem last season for Kevin Stemke, who was able to land the ball inside the 20, unfortunately that usually meant around the 17 or 18 yard line. Hodges does have impressive leg strength and hang time. He punted in special teams drills Tuesday morning to good results. He boomed a number of kicks about 50 yards with hang times over four seconds.

- Itís easy to forget about Pisa Tinoisamoa because of the addition of Chris Claiborne and Dexter Coakley to the linebacker corps. The fact remains that you would be hard-pressed to find a player that plays with more passion and love for the game in the whole league. Tinoisamoa looks faster and more agile than last season when he popped his shoulder out of place about eight times. He still led the team in tackles and never once complained about it. Of all the talented players on this team, Tinoisamoa is my favorite to watch because you can tell just by watching him how much he loves what he does.