Tuesday Morning

-The Rams will practice at the Edward Jones Dome for the next two days in preparation for Friday nightís opener against the Bears. Itís a good idea to get in there and get a feel for the new FieldTurf. Because of its synthetic design, new FieldTurf has a reputation for kicking up a lot of rubber when it is first used. The more repetitions the team takes on it before the regular season, the better for them and the better for the surface.

-The release of cornerback Dwight Anderson is somewhat of a surprise, but considering some of his past behavior; it isnít that much of a shock. Anderson had a tendency to be a little too excitable and brash. The worst part is that he had a legitimate chance to not only make this team, but also be a contributor in nickel and dime packages. It might seem harsh to let him go at this stage, but sometimes a player such as Anderson needs to be brought back to reality for his own good and the good of the team.

-Receiver Torry Holt returned to practice Tuesday morning and appeared like he didnít miss a beat. He and quarterback Marc Bulger connected for long passes a few times and Holtís back seemed to hold up just fine.

-Cornerback Travis Fisher also returned to action, sporting a new haircut. Fisher had missed time with a groin injury but also appeared to be fine Tuesday.

-New offensive tackle Matt Willig is one of the biggest football players I have ever seen. He towers over everyone on the field. It remains to be seen what he can do when he gets accustomed to the system, but he would seem to have the size and wingspan to be a serviceable lineman even if itís just a reserve role.

-Adam Timmerman is the ultimate gamer and thatís easy to say even though the games havenít started yet. Timmerman wasnít expected back in full pads and on the field until next week yet there he was Tuesday morning working out with the ones at right guard. Itís hard not to respect and admire a guy like Timmerman who is all about the team all the time and is a genuinely nice guy off the field.

-John Parrella certainly looks the part of a defensive tackle. He has the big, physical build you look for in someone meant to be a run-stuffer. If he has anything left in the tank, he should make a solid member of the rotation in the middle.