Wednesday Afternoon
Thursday, September 1, 2005

- First things firstÖItís so easy to forget about the outside world when you get into all football all the time mode, but it is a sobering experience to hear someone who is so closely affected by a tragic situation. Marshall Faulk doesnít even know where most of his family and friends in his hometown of New Orleans are right now. That has to be one of the most helpless feelings you could ever have. All the best to Faulk and his family during this difficult time as well as everyone affected by this disaster.

- On a brighter note it was nice to see cornerback Terry Fair back in the facility today. Fair didnít practice and he probably wonít for the next week or two, but he was walking and talking just fine and was even able to roll his neck. Fair was in good spirits and says he has no fear about getting back on to the field, calling the injury nothing more than an occupational hazard. Fair did come on strong last week and hopefully can regain that form quickly.

- Jerome Collins was called out by the coaching staff Wednesday, but more because of the opportunity in front of him than anything. He has yet to impress in any of the preseason games and figures to get plenty of action against the Chiefs. He needs to take advantage of that chance if he wants to be here next week.

- The combination of Anthony Hargrove and Brandon Green is pretty exciting. I get tired of hearing the term high motor, but both of these guys have motors that are constantly running. Hargrove is more athletic than Green, but Green seems to allow the game to come to him rather than forcing the action. Hargrove played better against the Lions because he slowed himself down and remembered to be in his lanes. When Hargrove puts the physical with the mental aspects, he has the potential to be a dynamic playmaker.

- It was sad to see Grant Williams go, but it was probably a move that had to be made. Williams is a great person and a solid veteran presence in the locker room, but he couldnít overcome his myriad injuries. When you canít play, itís hard to prove your worth to a team. Maybe by letting Williams go in the first round of cuts, he will get a chance to get healthy and land elsewhere.