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Thread: Wait is over

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    Wait is over

    Long will wear 98! Get your jerseys!

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    Re: Wait is over

    I guess this doesn't bode well for C.J. Ah You.

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    Re: Wait is over

    I know it was going to be 98. Great number. Can't wait to get the jersey!

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    Re: Wait is over

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I guess this doesn't bode well for C.J. Ah You.
    That's how he got his name in the first place.....

    Coach: "Hey C.J......yea, ah, we've brought in a new guy, and....ah, you are going to need to get a new number, okay?"

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    The Number

    I know, from the Rams, what number Chris Long will wear! Read on:

    I am a sucker for the $300 authentic jerseys. Suffice it to say I have too many. Not that I need an excuse to buy a new one, but I was reading Nick Wagoner's Mailbag over at and Nick said we could pre-order a Chris Long Jersey and they would make it and ship it ONLY AFTER Chris joins the NFL Players Association (which licenses the jerseys) and his number is assigned by the Rams.

    Well, that was fine for the $80 replica jersey -- it's order window gives the same information.

    But the bad-boy Authentic Jersey? This is the one you customize with any current Ram''s name and number or your own name and number, etc, and pay a ton of $ for the real McCoy. Funny, though, the new Rams ProShop has a place to order it, but no place to enter a name or number! Weird.

    Anyhow, I placed my order and noted in the comments area what I wanted them to do, and I quoted Nick Wagoner and admonished them to call me if they weren't CRYSTAL CLEAR on what I wanted because with my size plus tax and license this sucker costs over $300 and at that price it should have a rip-stop floor and sleep six.

    So, lo and behold, today I got a call from a nice lady at the Rams ProShop. She wants to know the name and number. I direct her to my comments and we are on the same page.


    Then she tells me that THIS MORNING they got the word that Chris and the Rams have agreed on NUMBER 98. It's "all but official, pending the paperwork".

    Those of us who chose the $80 replica will wait for the paperwork to clear.

    But when you buy the Authentic, you can put on any name and number EXCEPT former Rams no longer with the team, such as WARNER-13, etc.

    So, I decided to roll the dice and go with 98. My LONG-98 is in the works now, paperwork notwithstanding. I figure it's a win-win. If me 'n the ProShop lady are RIGHT, I get the first ChrisLong Authentic Rams 98 Jersey. If something happens and Chris ends up wearing a different number, then I get a collector's item and a cool story, and an excuse to buy another Chris Long Authentic with the correct number on it.

    Not that I need an excuse.....

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    Re: The Number

    So, OK, you heard it here second... or third... or last....

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    Re: The Number

    Dude, for your sake I hope your right........See my post below that I wrote 2 days ago on another thread

    LARAM wrote:

    "I was watching the NFL network about 5 minutes ago, and they had a clip of Chris Long taking a tour of the Ram locker room.......and what did I see....a #75 jersey hanging in front of his locker".

    "I guess it's confirmed"

    I guess things can change depending on what Chris Long wants, From what I saw in the clip from NFL network, They just had the jersey made up so it was hanging in front of his locker as he was introduced to the Ram locker room.

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