Thing that stands out is contradiction. After he makes the statement about waiting for a miracle, he goes on to say he expects Linehan to eventually get it right. Well a miracle isn't something that one is expectant of is it?

He also states that football is not exactly rocket science and doesn't require meticulous brainpower. We are then told that Martz offence was one of the most complex in football history, 'highly sopihisticated' he states by way of emphasis.

Furthermore, once he's drawn all of these comparisons with Martz' achievments by way of critical comment, he goes on to say that he's not saying that Linehan has to match Martz' offence as that would be 'unreasonable and unrealistic'.

If football was so eminently simple, then presumably anyone could be a coach and we wouldn't have to suffer the interminable ramblings of the petulant Mr Miklasz of the subject. It would be so self evident as to be pointless to comment on. So self evident as to be valueless as an occupation or pastime and so self evident that even the sadly confused Mr Miklasz could be expected to write with authority and sense on the subject instead of offering us this puerile garbage that he passes off as journalism.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.......................