I gave Walter a 50/100. They did get more right based off of the little they probably know of what's going on in the organization and from what they've seen last year.

They made some obvious points about guys being older then stating facts about production from the previous season. So its natural that they make predictions based solely off of that. Like most sites who predict records for a specific team that they don't really follow, he doesn't consider certain circumstances (like Goldberg playing tackle instead of guard, where he is obviously better at) and instead just simply puts the blunt stats on the page. Which is to be expected from someone who doesn't follow the team and therefore won't tell you how Chris Long was coming on at the end of the season, how Bartell and Avery were playing the last half of the season (Bartell longer than that) when they should have shut it down to recover.

There's more to the story than blunt stats but until the Rams do something about it, they will continue to get disrespected with 1-15 predictions. Like I said he got some things right here for sure, but overstated a lot of things and put some opinions as fact (Robinson WILL get injured, there WILL NOT be any inside pass rush, telling us who will play once one of our starters definitely goes down..). I get why he did that, but I still don't like it nor do i agree with it.

Only way to shut stuff like this down however is to play ball.