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    Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee Kyle Turley

    Tuesday, October 5, 2004

    By Nick Wagoner
    Staff Writer

    Kyle Turley knows all about stereotypes. He has seen it from every angle and every position possible.

    Turley has been labeled because of his long hair and tattoos and his sometimes-reckless approach to football. He is what many people consider as the prototype of a gCalifornia Surfer Dude.h Look beyond that flimsy stereotype and you will see that what makes Turley tick is far more than any loud music or new ink could do.

    On the field, Turley is as mean as they come. He has to be. He plays offensive tackle, a position not exactly built for the faint of heart. His imposing frame and demeanor make him seem like some sort of caged beast and he iscon the field.

    Take Turley away from the game and he becomes something else, something unexpected. Turley is one of the gamefs good guys. Scratch that, Turley is one of the gamefs best guys.

    This season, Turley is on injured reserve because of a back injury. While the news was devastating to Turley and the Rams, there is a silver lining for people in St. Louis and other parts of the country.

    gI am just going to try to make positive use of the time,h Turley said. gI want to try to keep my face in the public eye so I can continue to spread all of the important messages.h

    Along with his wife Stacy, Turley goes above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in the community. That relentless dedication, has earned Turley a nomination for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, given each year to the player who best balances his responsibilities in the community with those on the field.

    A truly unique athlete with vast interests beyond football, Turley doesnft shy away from the tough issues and has tackled the challenge of educating people on the value of diversity and acceptance through his work with the Diversity Awareness Partnership. When he speaks on the subject of diversity, he often offers himself as an example of perception versus reality and looking past stereotypes.

    gIfm not just a football player,h Turley said. gI want to help awareness and show these kids that there are so many things out there for them. They need to know that color, race, none of those things matter.h

    In addition to his extensive work with the Diversity Awareness Partnership, Turley, a musician who majored in art at San Diego State, has also devoted himself to the Arts and Education Council which raises funds to support the arts and arts education activities in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

    gThe arts have played a significant part in shaping the person I am today,h Turley said. gAnd by partnering with the Arts and Education Council, Stacy and I hope to bring a new level of awareness to the importance of all art forms ranging from music to visual arts.h

    Turley has also taken on some of the more traditional causes such as helping underprivileged youth, raising money for various charities and supporting the efforts of police and fire departments. Always unique, he often finds ways to raise money and awareness in nontraditional ways such as art shows, musical concerts, motorcycle rallies and garage sales.

    In addition to all of these community efforts, Turley recently started the Kyle Turley Foundation, which is founded upon three words of commitment that were taught to Kyle at a critical point in his life: dedication, determination and desire. With these words in mind, the foundation believes that through reaching out to children who are at a crossroads in their lives and teaching them positive, useful life skills, they will overcome their obstacles and follow the path to a bright future.

    gIfm a firm believer that if given the opportunity, kids will most likely surprise you with what they can accomplish,h Turley said.

    And the many who have been impacted by Kyle Turley are firm believers that the on the field player is much different from the off the field philanthropist. Just one more lesson in perception versus reality.

    Editorfs note: This is the first in a series of five Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee features.

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    Re: Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee Kyle Turley

    Who'da thunk? Good for him and the community!

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    Re: Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee Kyle Turley

    How...unexpected. Way to go Mr. Turley.

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