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    Thumbs up Warner gives the offense a C+, but will improve

    Taken from another Rams board. Article on the offense.

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    Cool One is one's worse critic...

    Hey Porkchop, thanks for the link /good article!

    The idea of one being one's worse critic is usually twofold: a) either you grade yourself way too high (ego, insecurity, etc), or, b)you come down on yourself too harshly, mainly as a result of a so-called "A-type personality," being a confirmed perfectionist, a red-blooded loyalist, enthusiast, etc. :rolleyes:

    Then again, there are those who are mature and/or wise enough to be able to appreciate the discipline necessary to see it like it is, with a realistic view of missed opportunities as well as to balance future opportunities with the potential at hand.

    Better than other teams in the NFL, the 2001 Rams are keenly aware of what they can truly produce offensively. I just think it's great that, as a leader and an exceptional QB, Warner's evaluation is not only honest but... demanding; demanding because it is accurate. It naturally goes beyond optimism. And it's here.

    What's more --what's really exciting-- is that every single guy in this offense believes in the awesome machine they've become! I mean, they're really up there, they're among the best of all time! :cool:

    Truly experienced and reliable linemen, outstanding receivers, and even Marshalls, Conwells, Warners, Martzes. Whew!

    No doubt in my mind, this bunch is one of the the best of all time! Superstars or not, probowlers or not, that's not the point; they know what they're capable of and they've got it together!

    Ok now: fewer mistakes, less penalties and many more Ws! Let the bighorns out now! ...GO RAMS!!! Let's do it! ...GO RAMS!!!

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