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Thread: Way too excited for football!

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    Way too excited for football!

    Were 7 days away from playing our first pre-season game vs the Indianapolis Colts. Since its the only game on Sunday we should all have the chance to watch this game. There are a ton of things that I'm extremely excited for.

    This is rookie QB Andrew Luck's first NFL game. I can see 1-2 passes being picked off, especially one by Janoris Jenkins! Long and Quinn should be able to apply serious pressure on a shaky line with a rookie QB, and take those OT's to school. I am willing to bet that our D-Line is going to look AMAZING.

    Will the offensive line be able to hold up? C Scott Wells probably will not go, he must get healthy first. Will Rodger Saffold be able to bounce back? Will Jason Smith finally live up to his draft status? Will Moose or Rokevious Watkins hold down the LG spot effectively?

    The first team won't get much work, but it'll be interesting to see some new guys like Kendall Langford, Cortland Finnegan, and Jo-Lonn Dunbar. I want to see how the OLB position shakes up, will Haggan and Dunbar seperate themselves? Will McIntosh gain ground on a starting position? I cannot wait to see rookie RB Isaiah Pead get the ball plenty, he will play a lot of ball. RB's Daryl Richardson and Calvin Middleton should get some opportunities as well.

    The WR position is going to be a huge and wide open competition. Some guys have to set themselves apart. All the guys will get their chances. I'm curious to see Steve Smith's health, Quick and Given's development, and Salas' impact.

    Will Kendall Langford and Michael Brockers continue to dominate? I hear Brockers is a monster and is coming along pretty darn well. Lets hope to see Albert Haynesworth Jr continue his development.

    I'm curious to see our secondary. I'm dieng to see Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins hold down Reggie Wayne, Donnie Avery, and Austin Collie. I think Jenkins will slide down to the 2nd team D after the 1st is off, and he will continue to play with Fletcher and Trumaine Johnson.

    I also want to see our prized possession, K Greg "The Leg" Zuerlein. I want to see him hit a 60!

    There is definitely some things to look out for. Lots of rookies that'll have lots of playing time. I wan't to see the guys gel, and play solid football.
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    Re: Way too excited for football!

    No such thing as "way too excited" when it comes to football.

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    Re: Way too excited for football!

    I was so excited i stayed up till 3a.m. just to watch the first half of the Cards/Saints game. I don't like either team but i have missed football badly. So glad it's back and can't wait to watch the Rams again. I don't care if we play awesome or average, i just don't want us to look like garbage. After last season i have more then learned to take preseason with a grain of salt.

    Everybody better be in the forum this Sunday. Time to bring out the Bradford throwback!!

    btw, anyone know when Nike is gonna unveil their throw back jerseys? i really want one.

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    Re: Way too excited for football!

    Yeah, I'm trying to maintain a level head and not get too worked up for this season. (tired of being disappointed)


    I made the mistake of getting into the NFL store online and ended up buying a new jersey, hat and sunglasses. I'll have you know that it's the first jersey (I've had three) that I've had with a player's name on it. As I've said before in these forums, I never buy a jersey with a players name on it. I prefer to use my own. However, with the new Nike apparel coming out (I refuse to buy Nike products) there was a great deal on last year's Reebok jersey's. They happen to have a Bradford throwback jersey (blue and yellow) for about half the price of the new Nike crap. So I bought it.

    I also bought an old Rams logo hat (from the LA days) and a pair of sunglasses with the Rams logo on it.

    I should get it this week....

    So yeah, I'm ready for some football.
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