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Thread: Are we to blame?

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    Are we to blame?

    I can't help but think sometimes the fan has a hand in what happens to a sports team sometimes.

    An example of what I am talking about is that the negative thinking about the team affects the outcome. I mean I know myself that I have been sitting there thinking something bad is about to happen to the Rams and it actually does. Such as uh oh catching the ball and I say yep he is not getting up on that one. And it was almost laughable how many times Sam gave up the ball at the beginning of the year too (not saying Cadillac didn't do his share). I think once Jackson got injured the first play some of us were like here we go again. Then we lost amendola, bartell, etc... it was stupid how many cornerbacks this year we lost. Did we have a hand in it by us thinking its going to happen?

    It just seems that sometimes it seems like once one bad thing happens there is a snowball effect of some of us saying o here we go again. I mean look at the Cardinals in the WS we believed we weren't out of it till the fat lady sang. She warmed up a few times and almost came on stage but never did. Was it the cardinals believing it was going to happen and the rangers thinking here we go again a second WS loss in two years?

    I am just trying to figure out a way to explain some of the stuff that happened.

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    Re: Are we to blame?

    Impossible. I had a horseshoe made out of a rabbit's foot with me at all times.

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    Re: Are we to blame?

    You have to consider the possibility that, after winning a Super Bowl on the back of a QB who came by way of the Arena League and a grocery store, maybe the karma ledger is still evening out.

    Of course, that would not explain the Patriots continued success behind a 6th round draft choice, so...
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    Talking Re: Are we to blame?

    IMO the only thing we as fans are to be blamed for and how it maybe affects the Psyche of the team is failure to show support for home games. How many times have we seen greater support from opposing teams fans in the Dome. I remember the same thing happening at the Big "A" of Orange Co. I know that poor front office leadership/administration and obviously putting an unsuccessful product on the field is a recipe for not building a strong fan base. There was a day when opposing teams cringed to come in and face the noise levels at the Dome during those GSOT years. Let's pray that the hiring of Jeff Fisher, Gregg Williams , Brian Schottenheimerand whoever the GM will be will stem the tide of the past and set a solid foundation not built on sandy ground but one that will last for a long time to come so that we don't find ourselves having to ask this question ever again. GO RAMMIES!!!!!
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    Re: Are we to blame?

    I do chat with some players on occasion. Yes, they do pick up the negative energy. Once I said something to one player about how we were behind the team, and we knew they could get a win, and he said something about how he wished the rest of the "fans" would be so supportive!

    Av, the Pats success behind that 6th rounder can be explained with one word - CHEATING.

    As far as someone who is at home affecting the outcome of the game with negative thinking - no, it doesn't happen. At the dome, yes, the crowd can affect the game. I say this because at one time in the past, I was in the "entertainment" industry. When I chose the right music, said the right things, had the right attitude, well, the crowd got into it more, and the more the crowd was into it, the better the "entertainers" performed! So - when at the dome, SCREAM YOUR HEADS OFF!
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    Re: Are we to blame?

    I have a hard time believing Giants players felt their fans were behind them around week 8. Philly teams should basically come in last every year if the players demand unwavering support.

    When fans demand a team take action, it's routinely the wrong action. The key to any franchise being successful is to have management and team leadership that is willing to do things that may not be popular with the fans. If the Rams traded down in the first round 10 spots in exchange for a 1st round pick next year, fans would be besides themselves (so upset) until it was next year's draft and then they would consider themselves geniuses for believing in the trade from the very beginning.

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    Re: Are we to blame?

    Fan negativity does not affect the outcome of games. Games are won and lost on the field by the players. Yes, I'm sure being supportive is appreciated and no player wants to get booed or criticized, but neither wins games- much as our collective egos sometimes think we make the difference.

    Success and failure tends to go in cycles. Drafting, judgment, coaching, organizational stability and an element of luck all figure into whether or not a team is successful. Some simply do a better job than others. The fact that a group of fans are negative thinkers don't factor into the mix. And I'd say any negativity towards the Rams over the course of the past eight seasons is more than justified.

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