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Thread: We will be fine

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    We will be fine

    I can honestly say that our defense will be fine this year, now this is just my opinion but bartell is a stud and wade has talent, and there is only one way to bring the best of talent out of a player and it is great coaching and we have that by far. look what spags did in NY, the giants had sub par cornerbacks like ross and spags brought the best out of them and things played out fine. now we have laurinits, bartell, little, long , witherspoon, atogwa, and butler. that is 7 players out of 11 on defense who have great talent, some even out up pro bowl stats every year.combine that with the scheme on defense that spags will install and with a questioned division and we should do wonders. our offense is fine, if we can even get mediocre play out of bulger(not turnin it over/manage the game) we have the talent to break in as a wild card, lets not be so down, i can guarantee you we have more talent at this point then miami and atlanta did last year, this will be a good year!

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    Re: We will be fine

    I don't think the defense will be terrible, but I dont think it will be great either. If they finish 16th or so in total defense I would be ecstatic. I really do fear the Rams cornerback situation though. One good cornerback isn't something that most teams are comfortable in having.
    I think the Rams should just go out and resign Jason Craft to a one-year deal until they can find a better solution for 2010. The guy had 70 tackles last season. I know that cornerback play isnt measured solely in tackles but the guy did his job and would make me a little more comfortable in the Rams cornerback situation.
    I think the rams will be ok on defense but offensively I am still pretty nervous.

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    Re: We will be fine

    I am not concerned about filling that CB spot opposite Bartell. Wade has it now. Wade coming out of college was viewed as having pretty good upside, he needed to be developed.

    He sounded alot like Bartell, and look at how that bit us in the A$$.

    Wade hits, he has speed and now he has opportunity.

    Experienced depth is a bigger issue for me though. There is King, Fletcher and Butler, but no experience at this level. Wade will be fine. Maybe better than fine.
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: We will be fine

    The only places where the Rams are probably better than the Giants on defense FS and WLB. The Giants have the best D Line in the league, the Rams have one most questionable right now. The Giants have a top 5 CB in Cory Webster and 2 other very solid corners in Aaron Ross and Kevin Dockery while the Rams have Bartell and a bunch of young unproven young players.

    The Rams should be alright at LB and safety but I am very concerned about whether or not the D line will be able to get pressure because there was already a great group of proven linemen when Spags got to New York.

    Spags was able to turn around the career of Cory Webster and help Aaron Ross become a good starter as a rookie so I'm optomistic about that but still not so much about the D Line.

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