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    Country Guest

    Weathering the Storm

    I know that many of us have been confronted with what might be the worse week in our careers as Rams fans. But I say this, we must all weather the storm that this week has brought into our lives. With the uninspired loss, Pace's injury, Wroten's suspension and the fabulous Hedgecock/Owens move we must collectively ban together and realize that this is a 16 week season and it has to get better from here.

    This week we have the ***** who looked like a bad high school team against the Cardinal s on national T.V at home. We all need to hope that the Rams turn it around and stomp the ***** into a red and gold pulp.

    I leave you with this; Remeber that the sun will come up tomorow and the Rams will still be there good, bad or ugly they will still be there.

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Weathering the Storm

    didn't that bad high school team win ?

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    blood85 Guest

    Re: Weathering the Storm

    I agree that the "real" rams fans will still support the team, especially since this is ****** week.

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