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    Re: Wednesday Afternoon

    You are never going to get rid of the tv commercial breaks because they need to make money and without money you won't see the games on national tv.

    I guess we have plenty of time to watch commercials, but no time for celebrations.:bored:


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    Re: Wednesday Afternoon

    bring back the bob n'weave
    a 15 yd penalty on occasion would be worth the Bob 'n Weave.

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    Re: Wednesday Afternoon

    Quote Originally Posted by RealRam
    Totally agree, .Ramfan.

    I'm sure the NFL will not crackdown on that honest and modest type of celebration. If they do, well -- as you said -- it would be absurdity at its worst and we may have to expect a penalty on players that smile for having their team score at any time.

    Maybe the officials will have to review some of those smiles in their replay screen to see if the penalty infraction is a 5 yarder or 15.

    That smile is a 15 yarder.

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    Re: Wednesday Afternoon

    I think the rule should just be pretty much don't be an arse.. If you demean a player or team then flag them if it's like a cJ celebration let the fans enjoy it. I talk alot of football and I have yet to see someone say what he did was not fun to watch or that it was inapropriate.. This is such a pointless rule IMO. It will probably really just go away in a yr or 2..

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