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    Wednesdays quotes

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    (Opening statement)

    “Victor Adeyanju had quite a bit more work today. He’s getting closer. Like we said last week, we’ll make the decision by Friday, but it looks pretty encouraging that he’ll be up this week. Jerome Carter’s still kind of nursing that ankle around a little bit. Based on what I saw today I think it’s better. I don’t know how much closer he is to being in the lineup. I’m going to watch the practice and evaluate that, and then talk to the defensive staff and see what they think. Probably go another day before we really decide on that. Stephen Davis’ hand x-rays were negative, so he’s fine. Richie Incognito has a mild right toe sprain, but he didn’t miss any snaps today. Paul Smith is doubtful. He’s still experiencing some discomfort from the stinger he has. He has the bulging disc back there that really isn’t improving much, so it’s pretty unlikely he’ll be able to return, at least, this week. Adam Timmerman’s still questionable. He did do some limited contact stuff today in practice. Matt Turk’s fine with his neck, just a little stiff. Will Witherspoon’s got a bone bruise on his knee which is creating some discomfort. He’s been playing with it. He played through the game last week, but was limited in his reps today in practice. That’s pretty much it. Other than Will, everybody’s pretty much the same as Monday.”

    (On having contact with G Claude Terrell)

    “The contact’s been general. He asked for permission and it was granted for him to be able to go to Texas and try to work rehab. I think the next step, which we’ve concluded, we’ve got to probably pursue the surgery we were originally hoping we would be able to get done in the offseason, or early fall. We’ve asked Claude to be back by today actually, so hopefully we will see him sometime today or tomorrow and start pursuing the possibility of getting his wrist fixed.”

    (On if Terrell had surgery)

    “He was supposed to have it, and then…you can’t make a person have the surgery, and just opted not to. Which, now he’s in the same spot he was in when we originally wanted him to have it done, so hopefully we are going to push those buttons and get it done.”

    (On the necessity of Terrell’s surgery)

    “Mainly because there was no guarantee that letting it rest was going to correct the problem. I’m not sure there’s any guarantee when you have surgery, but we felt that it was the best thing to alleviate the pain in there and all those things. Like I said, you can only tell people the best professional advice you can give them, and when it comes to having surgery, you can’t make somebody do it. It does, however, complicate a person’s ability to continue to play the game or stay in this profession, so if he doesn’t get it done, it will be highly unlikely he’s going to be able to play. It’s kind of up to him now.”

    (On advising Terrell of the necessity of surgery to fix the problem)

    “I think there was some discussion about that. It was the discussion I had with him. We knew it wasn’t going to require a lot of time to heal, so we just basically moved on and said ‘Lets go ahead and do it,’ and then opted not to get it done. Now we’re hopefully going to force the issue and get it done here sometime before the end of the year.”

    (On the type of surgery)

    “I’d call it experimental. We had a couple different opinions, hand specialists, ours and some others, that just feel that this is probably the best procedure to use at this point.”

    (On finding out Terrell didn’t have the surgery)

    “Each week after we were kind of trying to follow up on it and finding out it wasn’t getting done…I’m not sure it was ever communicated to us. We just knew it hadn’t been done because we knew the doctor that was going to do it in Texas, actually. He communicated to us that he opted not to do the surgery.”

    (On the expected recovery time from the surgery)

    “We think, generally, it’s going to be three or four months. Best case scenario, be back for the May and June offseason program.”

    (On what Terrell would miss)

    “He’d miss the weightlifting and all that. Hopefully we can get the conditioning and the football part in.”

    (On if he likes to have injured players around during the rehabilitation period)

    “About 95 percent of the time. It’s really a good thing to keep a good eye on them. In this case, Claude was not in the frame of mind that I thought was going to be helpful for the locker room, so I okayed for him to go down to Texas.”

    (On why he felt Terrell was not in a helpful frame of mind)

    “Just he felt there was a discontent as to whether the procedure was the right thing to do. I think he just felt like…he had another person he wanted to do it. That was part of the reason we were going to let him go, was because he was going to go down and have another surgeon do the surgery. Of course you loose a little bit of that hands-on when that happens, and a certain amount of trust has to be involved in somebody doing what they say they’re going to do. In this case, hopefully we can get him back here and he can get it done here.”

    (On how far Terrell will be next season)

    “I think it puts him way behind. It’s certainly something you don’t recommend, and initially at the time, was not recommended. I don’t know why, to be honest with you. There was just a lack of mutual understanding of what was best. I think our medical staff did a great job of spelling out the alternatives, and it wasn’t sufficient. With the season right around the corner and a lot of things on the line, I just felt it would be best to have him pursue some other options and not do it here because I didn’t want any distractions.”

    (On why WR Kevin Curtis’ numbers are down significantly this season)

    “I think Isaac (Bruce) missed some games last year too. When you’re the third receiver, you’re going to probably have the third-most catches, or in this case, fourth because of Steven (Jackson). I’m not sure what I would correlate it to, other than there’s only so many passes to go around. I think it does have something to do with maybe there’s a little more emphasis on who’s getting the ball, but we’re not at all disappointed in his performance or what he’s doing.”

    (On the impact DE Victor Adeyanju can have)

    “I think he would be a factor, especially on run-downs. We’re playing a team that’s really going to try to run the football I’m sure. They’ve got a real hot running back and a very physical offensive line. It limits you when you can’t really use your hands as a defensive lineman, and he’s a young player so that would be a concern. Now that he’s somewhat pain free, his effectiveness on certain downs would be great enough to have him up this week.”

    (On QB Marc Bulger’s progression throughout the season)

    “I think we’ve all seen a player come out of the shadows of, really, a Ram legend. I think in the Super Bowl years there when Kurt (Warner) was here, there’s an expectation level of what is going to go on around here. Since then, there are a lot of new faces around here. He was a backup at the time. There were a few receivers still here, and a couple linemen, couple defensive players; but really, he’s had to kind of go through the transition years. He still was very productive, but I think was used as just another player on the team who happened to play quarterback. Now I think he’s viewed as, although he’s quiet, one of our leaders of our team, definitely of our offense, and a guy who, as we found out, is willing to speak up, wanted to be heard one day out of nowhere. I think in a lot of ways, that was really a good step. I look at it as a positive because he really wants to embrace being the Rams’ quarterback, and I think you see it by the decisions he makes. I don’t know if it’s true, honestly I can’t go back and look at stats and verify this, but the 15th game of the year, I don’t know if he’s had just eight interceptions at this point in the season. So his decision making…a lot of that’s decision making. He’s got a lot of things to improve on, but he really wants to take those steps too. I just see a guy who’s really just turned the corner when it comes to his intangibles.”

    (On if Pro Bowl voters are influenced by the amount of hype or how outspoken a player is)

    “I think maybe, but I think generally… I know how we voted as a coaching staff and I know the players do it by sides of the ball, I think they give credit where credit is due. I think you put aside the egos or the hype or whatever, and I think they look at stats with meaning, and not just numbers, but numbers that I think you’ve got to be pretty good to attain some of these things, especially in the skills positions. There might be a little bit prejudice towards one guy over another based on the impression that you have of him as a player, but I think usually the cream rises to the top. By this time of the year, I think people really vote for the players who should be in there.”

    (On S Ron Bartell)

    “He fits the characteristics for his spot because…a great example is last week he made a hook drop that normally a linebacker would make on third down. A lot of the nickel backs in this league are 5’8” to 5’10”, good biltzers, but maybe don’t have the size of a corner. Here’s a guy well over six feet with long arms who I’m sure the quarterback thought he threw the ball over him and he reached out and grabbed the ball. So there are some physical characteristics that he brings to the table, but you can’t coach. You’ve got size and range. The other thing that he has is he’s an extremely bright (player) and he’s a great top notch character kid. So you’re only going to get a guy who improves each week and each year. Sometimes these guys come in from small colleges and there’s a lot of expectation early. Go through that a little bit, maybe ‘Can he handle it? Can he play at this level?’ I promise you Ronnie will do anything to become the best that he can be, and he gets better every week. We asked him to move into that spot once we were trying to figure out what we were going to do in that back end and move Corey (Chavous) to safety, and he totally embraced that. He’s been playing corner, moving into nickel. He’s starting to really mature. I’m really excited…sometimes you find out you’ve got a player already here that you may think in the middle of the season that you have to go out and get, and you kind of fall into a guy like this through an injury. I think this is the case, hopefully, with Ron.”

    (On LB Jon Alston and his role the last two games)

    “He did very well. He was always the first guy down on the kicks. He forced the issue. Had a great block on our one return. I don’t know if you watched the play or were able to see the play where they were double-teaming him, but he blocked his guy from the numbers all the way past the opposite hash mark; which is one of those plays that doesn’t show up in the stats or whatever, but it was a great play. That’s the kind of thing that we talked about that he’s going to be able to bring right away. If you want your role to increase, you’ve got to be really good at the role you have. He embraced that whole concept and he’s worked himself back into the lineup—earned himself back there, and has earned the possibility of playing some more and having some more opportunities on some other teams on the special teams, and possibly getting in there on defense in situations. It’s a slow process, but he’s doing it the right way. He’s going to be one heck of a football player when it’s all said and done.”

    (On if having three offensive Pro Bowlers shows how well the offense has grasped his system)

    “There’s a certain amount of humility there that you understand that they’re pretty good football players before we ever started. I think they fit into what we’re trying to get done. They know what we’re trying to get done. Have never wavered on those things. I don’t know if it’s a validation that we’re getting it done, but I know we’re headed in the right direction. The think I’m most proud of is a guy like Steven Jackson, in my opinion, a young talent, really, maybe a little untapped at this point, has been able to not only take the direction, but also take off and kind of become…he doesn’t have to be the vocal leader, but he can lead by how he plays and be a guy that’s kind of become the energy or the juice, so to speak, of the offense. A guy that we kind of ride his wave a little bit. Then you’ve got a veteran like Torry (Holt) who…it could have been easy for him to maybe look and say ‘Well we did it this way and I made however many straight Pro Bowls and played in two Super Bowls,’ but he’s just worked…he’s become a lot better blocker. He loves the idea of wanted us to have balance. Those things give me a lot of encouragement. Then Marc’s (Bulger) ability to withstand the change of the terminology, philosophy, and really improve…I think if you were to base the preseason or the first game of the year on Marc’s performance, I’m not sure you would have said he was going to make it to the Pro Bowl. But as you see, he’s improved each week, and he’s gotten better and better and better, and showed that he can win a football game by throwing 22 passes and managing the run game. That’s what, to me, great quarterbacks do.”

    (On DE Leonard Little not being voted to the Pro Bowl)

    “I think he’ll still get in. A lot of times what happens by the end of the year is you get in as an alternate just because I know he was probably close. I was surprised, but like I said yesterday, it tends to go with how your season’s going. We’ve had an up and down season when it comes to record, and sometimes I think guys, if any prejudice, I think that’s where it lies a little bit. I think his numbers really speak for itself. He drew a whole bunch of double teams, maybe nine out of 10 snaps, he’s got at least a man and a half blocking him, and he’s still way up there and very productive. Five forced fumbles or whatever it is…he’s had a big time year.”

    (On if P Matt Turk has had a Pro Bowl-type season)

    “Probably by those punting stats and those things, but again, it’s hard to say. I think there are some other guys there. Maybe if he has, right before the Pro Bowl voting, has a game like he had yesterday. Maybe that helps a guy. I don’t know if that’s true, but he’s certainly been a huge upgrade for us. We were able to get a guy like Rick Venturi said, ‘He went from a Florida subdivision to being NFC Player of the Week on special teams in week 15.’ I thought it was a great analogy. I think that’s a great story there.”

    (On how having a two possession lead can help on both sides of the ball)

    “It certainly enables us, offensively, to do the things we’re preaching as far as having balance and sticking with the run regardless of the box and those kinds of things. You see week in and week out the teams that have the lead are able to turn around and feed the running back the ball. You can go back to the seasons some of these other players had. I remember in 2003 we played San Diego. I was at Minnesota. L.T. (LaDainian Tomlinson) had a great game against us that day, but up until that point, had, I think, more yards receiving than he had yards rushing because they had a losing record, and they were behind a lot of games. They just weren’t able to hand him the ball. That particular day they had the lead on us most of the game and they were just giving it to him. I think he had over 200 yards rushing. That enables you to do those things, but it’s hard when you’re not playing from the lead to consistently use clock and give the ball to the running back and those kinds of things. I think it was nice. I know my mom told me she finally enjoyed watching a football game this year. I was at least happy to please my mother.”

    (On how having a lead helps defensively)

    “We play from the lead, maybe not a two-score lead, very very well. You look at…we’re still very good in the turnover differential, and when we had the lead this game, they came in bunches. When a team’s able to just kind of pound it out and grind it out when they have the lead, then you may get a strip here, but you’re not forcing the issue. They get a lot of really clean looks as far as throwing the ball. They can turn around and give it to some of these running backs that we’ve faced. It’s tough to play that way. This particular game we had the lead and were able to pressure the quarterback, maybe force some bad throws, and still be able to get the ball out on some fumbles. As you can tell, when we’ve done that for the most part, especially when we’ve had multiple turnovers, we’ve come away with a victory.”

    DE Leonard Little

    (On how he felt when he heard that he was not chosen for the NFC’s Pro Bowl team)

    “Those are people’s decisions and those guys that went deserve the chance to go because they’ve been playing well all year. I don’t know what they’re going by for players to make that. Are they going by the media, stats, or other things? But those guys deserve to go. I’m happy for the first time guys that were able to go and they’re going to have a good time.”

    (On if it’s any different being chosen as an alternate)
    “If you go, you go. If you’re over there playing, you’re there and you’re a Pro Bowler. It’s a little bit different because you’re not in there from the get go.”

    (On this week’s game against the Redskins)

    “We just want all the fans to come out and support us for this last game. It’s the last game of the season and we want to come out and try to be productive on both sides of the ball and hopefully win the game. We just want everybody to come out and have a good time this weekend.”

    (On the Redskins gameplan)
    “Basically, we already know what they’re going to do. They’re to try to run the ball because that’s what they do. They’re in the top five or ten teams in the league when it comes to running the ball. They might run 30 or 40 times a game because that’s what teams have been trying to do to us lately. Until we stop that, we can’t worry about the quarterback too much.”

    (On Redskins RB Ladell Betts)

    “He’s a good back. He’s been there a long time behind Clinton Portis and other guys. He definitely can get the job done and he’s a quality back. He rushed for 100 yards in each of the last four games and we’re going to have a tough task trying to slow them down a little bit.”

    S Corey Chavous

    (On DE Leonard Little not being selected to the Pro Bowl)
    “This guy was arguably the top defensive player in the NFC this entire season, one of the top in the entire NFL, clearly a Pro Bowl player this year, and has had one of the best seasons I’ve been associated with in my nine seasons in the league. I’m extremely disappointed for Leonard because he worked his behind off all year and was a great leader for us. It’s just one of those things that happens sometimes and you can’t explain it, but in my opinion he was an easy vote in.

    (On why he thinks Little didn’t make it)
    “Certainly I know that there are some coaches and players that voted for him because they’re always accounting for him with the chip of a back or some type of double team. He’s certainly in the minds of coordinators and opposing teams, so it’s not like you’re dealing with a guy who’s not known within the circle. I guess it would have to come down to the fans, and certainly the fans have their right because they pay money for good tickets, but I can’t explain that one.”

    (On being able to build off of last week’s victory)
    “I think that last week was a good thing for all of us, but we understand that this week is a different challenge. They have some good offensive players, a good scheme, and an innovative coordinator.”

    (On the Redskins receivers)

    “I think each of them presents a different threat. When you talk about the receivers you have to talk about Chris Cooley who’s one of the better tight ends in the league, then you start talking about Santana (Moss) and his ability to run routes and get open deep, and (Antwaan) Randle El and (Brandon) Lloyd both have certain things that they do well. You just wonder at times if this is an offense that is just beginning to find its groove.”

    (On Redskins RB Ladell Betts)

    “I think he shows an ability to run downhill, he plays fast, runs behind his pads pretty well, he’s a one cut guy, he has pretty good vision, he’s a battler, and his feet never really stop moving. I think he’s a guy that has really developed and he fits well within what they’re trying to do offensively.”

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On how he feels about being selected to the Pro Bowl)

    “I think any time you are elected to the Pro Bowl it’s an honor. I don’t think it was from the fan vote, I think it was more coaches and players which makes me happy. It’ll be something I can enjoy once the season’s over.”

    (On the differences of going as an alternate and being selected by the fans, players, and coaches)
    “It’s nice to go when you’re an alternate and to still be called a Pro Bowl guy, but knowing you were legitimately put in there is an honor.”

    (On being able to go to the Pro Bowl even though this is his first year with a new offensive system)
    “Steven (Jackson) has had a great year to help me and the receivers helped me a lot by playing well. Obviously, the coaches, being able to come here and not take the ball out of my hands and allow me to throw the ball down the field helped. We didn’t change thins too much and we hired a guy that still let us do what we do best. I’m fortunate in that respect.”

    (On being selected to the Pro Bowl despite being very vocal in the media)
    “I honestly don’t care about the recognition, just the fact that they respect how I play. I could care less if I’m on ESPN or whatever. I don’t think it was the fan vote because I’m never going to win that. This isn’t the biggest city and guys in bigger cities are going to get more votes. When it came to it, I think it was the players and coaches (that chose me), which is nice.”

    (On the win over the Raiders being a relief for the team)
    “It could’ve gone either way because we were struggling pretty badly. They’re still an NFL team and we could’ve lost to them. Like I said after the game, it wasn’t a huge win. It’s not like they’ve been playing that well, it’s not like we beat the Bears, and we have to keep that in perspective. We did win and that’s one step in the right direction. We have two left and we’ve been taking more of a week-to-week approach, and we’re really just focusing on Washington right now. We dug such a big hole that there’s nothing we can do except focus on this week. If we lose those scenarios don’t matter. We just have to focus in on Washington.”

    (On the Redskins defense)

    “They have really good personnel. Not only that, their coordinator has every blitz known to man; 30 fronts, 40 fronts, and they play every coverage with every blitz. They try to confuse you and I’m just going to try to make it work if I can and just stick to my rules. If a guy’s open, throw it and if he’s covered, don’t. Don’t try to overthink it and I think that’s the way it is for me.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson being selected to his first Pro Bowl)

    “He’s gotten better every week and I think whoever’s watched us all year can see that. He’s seeing holes better, he’s more patient, and he’s taking his yards. Like I said, he’s one of those guys that can start wearing on defenses if he gets the ball 25 to 30 times and I think he’s starting to get a name for himself around the league. Not only that, coming out of the backfield and catching the ball has surprised everyone. From last year to this year, it’s amazing how much he’s improved and the fact that he still can get better excites us around here.”

    DT La’Roi Glover

    (On Redskins RB Ladell Betts)
    “From what I’ve seen on tape he has great vision, he runs extremely hard, and the guys up front are doing a solid job of opening up holes for him. He’s the real deal, no bones about it.”

    (On Redskins QB Jason Campbell)

    “From the little tape that I’ve seen on him, he seems pretty comfortable with the offense, their going to max protect and protect him pretty well, he hasn’t been sacked a lot, and he has the ability to sack the quarterback if needed. He’s going to be a good young quarterback.”

    (On DE Leonard Little not being selected to the Pro Bowl lineup)

    “That was a tough call. I think he deserved to make it and obviously the other guys felt the same way. It’s a situation where you can’t vote for yourself. The players, coaches, and fans do the voting and that’s the way the chips fall.”

    (On how he feels about being chosen as a Pro Bowl alternate)
    “It’s good and you always want to make it, but again, you can’t vote for yourself, you have to live on your results.”

    (On being chosen as an alternate for the Pro Bowl despite not having great numbers)
    “I don’t necessarily look at it like that. Obviously, you love to go, but it would help to have a winning record and we all know about our issues defensively, and that would help as well.”

    (On what the Redskins are doing on offense)
    “They are doing what they always have done. Joe Gibbs has done a good job with those guys. They’re going to run the ball and that’s how their offense is put together. They’ve got a very big and physical offensive line, and once again those guys are opening up those holes so the running back can get the yardage they need.”

    Redskins Head Coach Joe Gibbs

    (On last week’s victory over the New Orleans Saints)

    “Obviously I think that it was one of our better football games. Certainly our defense played very well against a good offensive team and I think we have our hands full coming to St. Louis. We have great respect for their receivers, their quarterback, and their Pro Bowl running back. The question is, ‘how are we going to play matched up against the Rams?’ and that’s our concern right now.”

    (On QB Jason Campbell)

    “I think he’s still a work in progress. The last two weeks he’s thrown the ball deep, but I think there are still a few things that Jason needs to do a better job at, but I also think that he’s done some good things for us. We think a lot of him and we think he’ll have a real future here with us.”

    (On why QB Mark Brunell is no longer starting)

    “It was just a combination of a lot of things. It certainly wasn’t Mark (Brunell), up to that point that was keeping us from winning football games. Mark has meant a lot to us. It was just the overall consideration of everything involved, and there are so many things that I can’t even mention them. When you change quarterbacks it’s a big deal. I think certainly, all of us around here think Mark was not the reason that we were losing football games. It was just one of those things through a series of circumstances where we felt like the best thing for us to do was give Jason (Campbell) a shot and see what we had, because you never really know until you put them out there.”

    (On RB Ladell Betts)

    “I think Ladell (Betts) has had four excellent weeks for us. He stepped in for Clinton (Portis), who means a lot to our football team as a leader. Ladell has stepped up to help when he’s had opportunities in the past, but I think right now, when it all went on his shoulders it’s all been outstanding for him. We like him a lot, he’s a real Redskin, and he just re-signed with us. We’re excited about what he’s been able to do for us.”

    (On how things can change from week to week in the NFL)

    “I think it’s just an evolution of what you’re trying to do. The problem here is trying to do it week to week, and one week doesn’t buy you anything into the next. I mentioned playing the Rams and you watch them and see the explosive people they have on offense, we have great respect for La’Roi Glover, I think they’ve added some people and their defense is outstanding, and their cornerbacks are playing extremely well. All the way across the board, you have to play great football every week, and we have not been able to do that. We’ve not been able to consistently play week in and week out. I think that going there and playing the Rams in their dome is a tough assignment for us.”

    (On former Rams S and current Redskins S Adam Archuleta)
    “It’s just one of those things where we have a lot of people competing for that spot. (Adam) Archuleta has done a lot for us here and we like him as a person. I think it’s just a matter of being in the packages and him playing. He’s in some of the packages that we play, but his play has been limited. I think a lot of it has to do with the other people that we have here, but I think he’s a bright young guy and we like him”

    Redskins QB Jason Campbell

    (On how it feels to be a starting NFL quarterback)

    “It feels good. At first it felt overwhelming because you’re young and this is something you’ve always dreamed of. When it hits you, you finally realize that you’re a starting quarterback in the NFL and. After that it’s just a matter of getting in there and getting comfortable. It was like a dream come true, not just for me, but my family and everyone that has supported me to get to this point. It’s very exciting and I’m happy to get my career started in the NFL.”

    (On being able to get some wins under his belt as a starter this season)

    “It felt good, especially because of the two teams we got good victories against. We played a very tough team in Carolina and New Orleans, who’s one of the toughest teams in the NFL and playing them on the road. We’ve had a lot of big games. When we lost to Philadelphia by two points, we were down on the 3 yard line, and if we could’ve gotten in there we may have won that one. We’ve had some tough losses this year, also.”

    (On the legacy of Washington Redskins quarterbacks)
    “I see a lot of those guys all the time and they’re always reminding me of it. I feel like I have what it takes to lead this team where we want to go. It’s just a matter of me getting a lot of games under my belt, getting comfortable with the offense, and knowing all of the ins and outs of it. The more I continue to work with all of these players around me, the more we’ll continue to grow together.”

    (On talking to former Redskins quarterbacks)
    “I know Doug (Williams) personally, so I have a chance to talk with him on the phone. I’m always running into Joe Theisman and talking to him, and I always see Sonny Jurgensen. I see those guys quite a bit. They always say, ‘keep doing what you’re doing and everything else will fall in place for you.’”

    (On being surprised when the Redskins drafted him)

    “I was kind of surprised because I didn’t hear from them until three or four days before the draft and it kind of shocked me. They always say that it’s going to be a team that you least expect to draft you, and that’s definitely what happened. When they came downstairs to talk to me I was excited. I was looking at coach (Joe) Gibbs across from me knowing that he is a Hall of Fame coach and thinking about how exciting it would be to play for him.”

    (On becoming a starter this season)
    “This season was kind of different for me. Coming into this year I started running with the ones in everything and in the middle of the season I get an opportunity to play and know I’m trying to build chemistry with the guys around me at the same time because I was new to the huddle. You have to make sure you’re trying to do all the things you need to do to make sure that everybody’s on the same page because I haven’t had an opportunity to be with them. This will be our first offseason to have an opportunity to work with them on the chemistry things that quarterbacks and receivers do together in the offseason.”

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    Re: Wednesdays quotes

    “I think any time you are elected to the Pro Bowl it’s an honor. I don’t think it was from the fan vote, I think it was more coaches and players which makes me happy. It’ll be something I can enjoy once the season’s over.”
    I'm pretty sure most of us on this board voted for you Marc, I did.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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