Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

(Opening Remarks)
“Real quick, before I hit the injuries, I do think, what I just told the football team was, I know we battled our butt off. There’s a couple plays you’ve got to make in there if you’re going to win a close football game like that. I think we’re headed in the right direction. I think we’re doing the right things. Guys are doing what they’re supposed to, we’ve just got to make a play. The only thing we didn’t get today, the only thing we didn’t get today was the reward. That’s what this game is all about. The rewards are the wins, but we’ve got 15 more chances. That’s what I told them, so I told them to keep their heads high and handle it right. I want to credit Arizona’s football team for the plays that they made, and know that we’re going to be OK because we’re going to move on and we’ll learn from it. Injury-wise, the one that looks the most serious is (Lcool smiley Chris Chamberlain. We had some guys cramp, there were some knees, and some hamstrings. Where we were really light today was when the two corners got hurt and we only had four active. That made it tough. You go out there and play against a good passing team, and all the sudden you’re playing with safeties and linebackers and you don’t have corners. We were a little bit…playing a little hand behind our backs, but no excuses. You’ve got to go out there and make plays when that happens. I would credit them and we’ll credit our football team too. There’s going to be things in there when we watch it where we’re going to say, ‘Hey, if we could have just done this, we would have won the football game.’ But, that’s the NFL. With that, I’ll open it up.”

(On CB James Butler)
“I can’t remember exactly how it happened. We were going to try to get away with game without having to play James. And then I think it was when (Ccool smiley Justin (King) went down first, we decided that the best move was to put (S) Craig Dahl into what we call our ‘Will’ linebacker spot and slide Kevin over to…and this was dime, now. We’ve got dime, we’ve got so many different packages. We had to do some shuffling. That was the bottom line. We would have liked to have gotten out of the game without playing James because he was only about 85-90 percent, but that didn’t happen.”

(On QB Sam Bradford’s play)
“Overall, we were moving the football. We had some spots there where we kind of stalled. At the end there, I was looking for…like you all were. I was hopeful that this was going to be the first game, he was going to run a two-minute drill, and we were going to win a football game. It didn’t work out that way. I’m sure there are some things in there he wants differently, certainly the interceptions. I thought he did a nice job getting that fumble. That’s a quarterback competing and coming up with the ball. That was pretty big.”

(On if he liked the way Bradford handled himself)
“Very much so. Every time I looked at him, there’s nothing but a competitive look. He never gets down. He wants to be out there. He probably wants to be in those situations, which is what you want in your quarterback.”

(On if there was anything thrown at Bradford that he didn’t expect)
“Probably not. They’ve got some good football players. 24 (S Adrian Wilson) comes through there early in the game and it was a tough pick up. He came late, so you don’t get to make the call, but he does that and that’s how he does it so…Sam took some hits, I’m sure. I think he’s OK.”

(On the amount of passes Bradford threw)
“It’s the ebb and flow of the game. It was a tight football game. We probably…we’ll go back and look at it, but I know we, especially in the first half there, we moved the football. We found some ways to score. I think we got all 13 points in the first half, is that not true? No, it was ten and then we kicked a field goal. We’ve got to convert field goals. The sad part of it is, we don’t get the field goal blocked, it’s a 17-16 game. Help me with my math. We’re down in there in field goal range, it’s a whole different deal. So, something as small as protecting the field goal kicker in a game is really, really important. It comes back to haunt you.”

(On missed opportunities)
“(DT) Cliff (Ryan), I don’t know what you do about that. He’s a big guy, he usually doesn’t have the ball in his hands. I’ll give Arizona’s player, whoever it was, credit for knocking that thing out. Smart move by him. We’ll learn from that and I’m sure the next time it happens to Cliff or anybody else, they’ll squeeze that football, make sure they get in. But that’s a big time missed opportunity. Big, big, big.”

(On CB Ronald Bartell’s play)
“I thought it was pretty good. I now Ron would have liked to have that pick back. Those are kind of things…those are plays you have to make. Without watching it, I think Ron did a nice job all day long. (WR) Larry Fitzgerald, let’s face it, he wasn’t a hundred percent. That’s a good football player over there. We did some good things, but there’s certainly a lot of things we’ve got to get corrected.”

(On if the defense was in zone coverage on Fitzgerald’s touchdown)
“Over in the corner? That was zone. Yeah, we were in zone there.”

(On WR Mark Clayton’s performance)
“There were some little things I think he’d like back. I don’t even know what his stats were, but I know he caught a few balls. I think Sam likes throwing to him so that’s a plus, that’s a bonus.”

(On his decision to go for a touchdown at the end of the first half)
“I tell you what, I made up my mind and talked with the staff about it. We were going to be aggressive in any of those kind of situations, so we did and it worked out good. The guys went out there, the 11 guys who were out there made a play.”

(On Chamberlain’s injury)
“It’s his foot. I can’t tell you exactly. I never got to (Head Athletic Trainer) Reggie (Scott). I just talked to Chris and he said that somebody got on top of him, blah blah blah. It might be a fracture, but that’s Chris saying that. I can’t verify that.”

(On TE Michael Hoomanawanui’s inury)
“It was his ankle. I believe he battled to go back in there, but you guys would have to help me. I know we were talking about it on the headset, but he’s a little gimpy right now. We’ve got some guys with some hamstrings and some knees. Even (DT) Freddy (Robbins) fought through a knee, but that’s Freddy. He’s a warrior, he’s going to play.”

(On the defensive issues in the second half)
“It was two things. We’ll go back and look at it, but we played a lot of football plays on defense and you wear down. No fault of anybody’s but the defense not getting off the field. It’s certainly hard to play four quality wideouts without your corners. You spend all week long playing four corners against four wideouts and then you don’t have them. It changes things a little bit.”

(On the defensive blitzing)
“Yeah, we were being aggressive. I’m going to tell you now, that’s going to happen. You live and die by the blitz sometimes. Now, there will be enough times where we make big plays off of them, but they get paid over there too and they know how to beat blitzes with run games. Some of the edges weren’t set properly and we probably should have played them a little bit better, but they hit a couple of movement, a couple of blitzes, and they get a couple of run plays. That was the most disappointing thing defensively, in my opinion. I would have liked to have not to have the guys get hurt, but you can’t control that. But the run game, that bothers me a little bit.”

(On if there is a way to take advantage of blitzing with the run game)
“The blitz game, men and women, are a little bit of hit or miss. Same thing when you run a play against it. It’s hit or miss. It could go for a negative yardage run play. It could pop out there. That’s the game of football. They’re going to blitz, we’re going to blitz. They’re going to run, we’re going to run. Away you go.”

(On the third-and-2 completion to TE Daniel Fells on the final drive)
“Couple of different ways you can go on that. I know what you’re going to say. Somewhere in there, you’ve got to get a first down and you’ve got to get a big play. You’ve got the two timeouts and we’re going to use them. I think I know where you’re talking about. You could have banged one there, 30-seconds or whatever, but then you only have one timeout left. So I think it works itself out. You could make the argument you take one there and you don’t lose as much time, but we’ve got a chance at the end there and then we’ve got a fourth-and-1 and have to just get the first down. And then it came down to one play.”

(On putting the ball in Bradford’s hands under pressure)
“We’re just confident in what Sam can do, and he did it.”