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Thread: Week 4 ???????

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    Week 4 ???????

    I don't post much anymore but I will say this.......It sure is nice to be in week 14 and the Rams are actually still fighting for a chance at the playoffs. The seasons has been pretty much done by WEEK 4!!!!!! As of the last 4 or 5 years. You know, I get that feeling with Bradford under center like I did when Warner was here..........We always got a chance! And look what he has done in such a short time and with limited resoures. But i can't take away from the D either. That side of the ball is really coming together as is this whole team. Bye Bye Week 4, I think we will be looking at playoff chances a hellova lot more!!!!!!

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    Re: Week 4 ???????

    To be honest after the first 2 games and in the last 2 years I lost all hope.... This year however hope has been there since the first game!

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