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    We're Out to Play Tomorrow!

    " He may be third on the depth chart, but Fletcher (+4.6pass coverage) has been phenomenal this season. He has given up a meager 0.41 yards per coverage snap (first among all defensive backs), and he has yet to give up more than 21 yards in a game this year. "

    We've got 3 amazing CB's. Bring it on GB, bring it on. You can bet our beastly D will get serious pressure, as well as have amazing coverage!

    Rams 27
    Packers 24

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    Re: We're Out to Play Tomorrow!

    The thing is... This does actually have trap game written all over it, if circumstances were a bit different. Namely, if we hadn't shown that we can play this year and if GB had been cruising. Since they've lost to an NFC West team already and have not been the dominant force they were last year, Green Bay won't be overlooking anyone.

    All that said, with their offensive line and running back situation, their strength offensively is going up against our strength defensively. It'll be very interesting to see who wins that battle. They haven't been able to run all that well, but with Benson they could at least keep teams honest. Our run defense isn't exactly the best, but our pass defense is giving up just over 200 yards per contest so far. Of course we also have 3 rookies and Kolb in those 6 games that have helped that number.

    On offense, we've shown that we can run with the "My Two 'Sons" combo of Jax and Richardson, even against the best run defense in the league. When it comes to the pass, Givens is starting to show that he can bust one a game while we're getting fair production out of Gibson and the rest. Let's hope that continues. A steady diet of draw plays and screens can hopefully slow down Matthews from breaking Sam again this year, but that's where my worries come in.

    The offensive line. If we win the battle(or at least hold the battle to a draw), we can win this game. If they dominate the line of scrimmage, we're done. This isn't the Cardinals or Seahawks where we can go 3 and out for much the afternoon and still come away with wins. This is the best offense that we've seen since week 1 and our own guys need to put up some points. The good thing is, this might also be the worst defense that we've seen all year, so I'm looking for 26 points(2 TD, 4 FG).

    Can we hold a GB offense that hasn't looked quite right all year to that number? I hope so.
    I believe!

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    Re: We're Out to Play Tomorrow!

    I'm sure our D will get some important stops but the biggest thing for us is we need to capitalize with TDs when we get into the red zone. Surely GB will get their points because i don't see our D pitching a shutout and i don't see our team winning an offensive shootout. we have to finish off drives with TDs and not rely to much on FGs for this matchup. GB can light it up against any team so we have to prepare for quick scores then sustain some long drives. the best way to kill a high octane offense is to keep the ball away from them. In our house i think the team with better game management will win. on the road against GB it won't matter because losing still finds us when we take the bus. but at home, we always have a chance. Lets go Rams.

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