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    bloodnhall Guest

    Were you a Ramfan 25 years ago?

    The 1976 playoff games for the Rams will never be equalled when it came to taking you on a emotional rollercoaster ride. From the greatest hi to the lowest low. check it out

    by the way is jessie in the endzone and is that holding on youngblood?

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    hpbadger Guest

    Post What a game

    Don't think I could ever forget the 1976 Vikings game. On the opening drive the Rams ran on every down and gained big yards almost every time. I actually didn't see the blocked field goal and TD return for the Vikes. I couldn't bear to the play so I left the room. When I returned the the room my older brother (a Vikings fan) exclaimed "they scored a touchdown!" For a moment I thought perhaps Knox had gone for it and the Rams had scored. I was sickened to learn what had happened. I think I was po'd at Knox and Tom Dempsey (who missed and extra point in the game also) for years after this game. Several years ago I worked for a large company that hired Tom Dempsey as a sales rep for a while. He worked in a different state and I almost called him to chew him out about those kicks but decided to leave it alone. One could only speculate on what a great super bowl the Rams-Raiders would have been. Aaaarrrrrrggggggggg!

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    bloodnhall Guest


    Rams vs Raiders in the Rose Bowl. Man, I love those teams and those players in the 70's.

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    TIMLAN2057 Guest
    Thanks for posting that. That was great to see.

    I lived in Louisiana among all kinds of bandwagon Cowboy fans. God, how I hated those Landry-coached Cowboy teams in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

    That 1976 divisional playoff win and the 1979 upset in Roger Staubach's last game rank as probably the two most satisfying wins in my history as a Rams fan - along with the Super Bowl win of course.

    I still feel like jumping up and down and yelling when I remember Ferragamo hitting Billy Waddy with that 68 yard bomb to take the lead for good against Dallas in 1979.

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    bloodnhall Guest


    Timlan, those two Dallas wins rank with me the best. Man, we were so unlucky in the 70's in those playof games.Anyway people are complaining about the refs in the SB. look at those two pics (jessie in the endzone and holding on Youngblood) take care

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    hpbadger Guest

    Wink Great wins! GREAT DEFENSE!!

    I know I spent a lot of time on the negative (the loss to the vikings) but man ....the 76 win over Dallas was really special!
    Everyone I knew was a Cowboy fan back then and the year before we had gotten trounced 37-7 by the Cowboys (the year Knox started an injured James Harris at QB over Jaworski who was coming into the game very hot). The Rams defense was especially impressive the the win over Dallas. Come to think of it the 76 Rams defense for my money was the best ever. It was impossible to run against this defense....impossible! I know last year the Ravens got all the hype about their defense being the best ever but I would rank the 70's Rams, Steelers, and Cowboys defense ahead of them with the Vikings of that era very close. This was before specialization...with the exception of the Cowboys who used a nickel back these players were on the field for the whole game. Can anyone elaborate on this? Thank you!

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    I was 8 years old at the time of that game. I actually remember watching it. I understood nothing about football at the time. I just knew that the commentators were very excited. It is the first game that I remember watching. I fell in love with the rams helmets and the rest is history. I remember feeling disappointed when the rams didn't win.

    Living close to the Minnesota border I am surrounded by viking fans. That game started a long disliking for the vikings on my part.

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    bloodnhall Guest

    Our 70's defense

    Our defense only let us down once in those playoffs of the 70's.That was the 75 NFC Championship game against Dallas. I was at that game and let me tell you dallas was so white hot they would of made God punt. Our offense, special teams and refs calls cost us.

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    Haden's The Man Guest

    I'm from the Dallas area. The first Rams game I ever saw was on TV, the 1978 championship game against Dallas. LA lost 28-0, but from that day on, I knew the Rams were the team for me.

    These pics are great. Wish I had been a fan at the time.

    I suppose 25 years from now, people will be looking at three photos from SB 36 and saying "AAARGH!"

    (1)The blow to Warner's face on the Int for a TD.
    (2)Brady clearly in the pocket when he threw the ball out of bounds on the last drive.
    (3)2 seconds on the clock as the field goal ended.

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