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    Westbrook, McNabb, Westbrook,McNabb

    I'm tired of reading all the Westbrook & McNabb stuff. Also the exotic defenses that Jimmy Johnson runs as the DC of the Eagles. The RAMS have to do this and the RAMS have to do that.

    How about what the Eagles need to be concerned with?

    Steven Jackson?
    Torry Holt?
    Marc Bulger?
    Randy McMichael?
    Dante' Hall?

    Dare I say Drew Bennett? (He's probably better than any of the Eagles receivers that will be playing Sunday)

    Jim Haslett and his large bag of Blitz schemes?

    Leonard Little?
    Will Witherspoon?
    O J Atogwe?

    I could go on and on.....

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    DistantRam Guest

    Re: Westbrook, McNabb, Westbrook,McNabb

    Good post, laram0. While the Eagles have potential matchwinners aplenty, so do we...

    I really think that our D could shock everyone this year, starting on Sunday. We have a D-Line of two veteran stars and two potential stars; two Pro Bowl-calibre LBs and another PB prospect in Atogwe. Chavous brings experience; it's only the CBs that worry me.

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    Re: Westbrook, McNabb, Westbrook,McNabb

    I am glad you brought this us LA, or I would have ...

    I, too, get sick of the media hype around the Eagles. It has been every year for the past ten years almost. They have people picking them to win the Super Bowl this year, and I don't get it ...

    Fact is, if Jim Johnson and Andy Reid weren't standing on the sideline over there, that team might be lucky to win 6 games. They have two playmakers on offense in McNabb and Westbrook that are injured oft, and the top receiver, Kevin Curtis, still hasn't made a believer out of me ....

    When I look at the matchup from top to bottom, I see the Ram's having the advantage in a number of key areas, including WR, TE, DL, and LB. It's basically a wash at QB and RB. Maybe the Eagles have more depth on the OL, and they have, arguably, the top secondary in the league, but I don't buy that team as a Super Bowl participant. I don't know if they even win 10 games ...

    I think alot of it has to do with McNabb. The media wants this guy to succeed. They always have, but he just doesn't get it done ...

    But, we already had a long thread on the media, and it sucks. Fact is, they pick the same teams over and over ...

    The Ram's? Oh, they were 3-13 in 2007, they must suck, right? Well, let them keep believing that. There is a ton of talent on this team ...

    It's amazing though, because in about 10 different articles, I've seen the media call us about the worst defense ever then I see we are a perennial top 10-15 defense ...

    It's funny actaully ...

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    Re: Westbrook, McNabb, Westbrook,McNabb

    I think the Rams have a great chance at winning this game. I think alot of people are over looking the talent this team has. They are just looking at lasts years record. I perdict we will start the season 1 -0! GO RAMS!!!!

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    Re: Westbrook, McNabb, Westbrook,McNabb

    If we stop the run this week and next, we start out 2-0. If we can't 0-2 is real probable.

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    Re: Westbrook, McNabb, Westbrook,McNabb

    Thank you 'Clan Delusion'.
    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana

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    Re: Westbrook, McNabb, Westbrook,McNabb

    Jim Haslett and his large bag of Blitz schemes?

    Thats one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Jim Haslett is a bum and he showed it today. He didn't get the D fired up and his schemes were garbage

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