We've lost Grant Williams for an indefinite period of time because of a reoccurrence of a back injury.

We have moved Rex Tucker to right tackle which we felt when we signed Rex he would end up being our starting left guard. The emergence of Claude Terrell has really been a godsend that allows us to move Rex to right tackle, which probably, physically, hešs better suited for. Hešs a little bit taller, rangier guy. Really, physically he is kind of what we are looking for as a right tackle so we might have fallen into something pretty good.

With Big O there is nothing serious about Orlandošs injury. He has just got a strain there in the hip so those are the issues we are dealing with right now.

The normal muscle strains and pulls are much more less than what they would normally be. We donšt have some of the collision things we have had in the past. We are way ahead of the curve in terms of injuries at this point that has helped our performance.

Wešll continue to be in shells.

On Saturday night, we may be in shells not pads. Again, thatšs a dress rehearsal for a game situation so thatšs all wešre concerned about.

I am happy where this team is physically, mentally and emotionally. Hopefully we can keep this pace and wešll get into pads next week.